Quiz: A True American Patriot Should Score At Least 10/15 On This Test!

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Stars and stripes forever!

Test your knowledge of the history and government of the United States with this fun civics trivia quiz.

 Jun 14, 2017
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Who was the third President of the United States?
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton
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The 3 branches of government are Legislative, Executive, and ________.
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Who did NOT sign the Declaration of Independence?
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
John Hancock
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The Circuit Judges Act of 1869 states that there should be ____ Supreme Court Justices
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What is the first line of the national anthem?
Oh, say, can you see, By the dawn's early light
Oh, say, can I see the flag, The dawn's early night,
Oh, say, can you see, By the dancer light,
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Who spoke this famous quote: “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”?
Abraham Lincoln
John F. Kennedy
Ronald Raegan
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Which amendment guaranteed women the right to vote?
8 of 15Pick your answer!
Civil rights activist Rosa Parks started a bus boycott in 1955 in _________.
Montgomery, Alabama
Atlanta, Georgia
San Francisco, California
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Which best describes Betsey Ross?
Civil War nurse
Revolutionary War spy
Seamstress who sewed an early U.S. flag
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You must be _______ years old to run for president of the U.S.
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What is the most spoken language in America AFTER English?
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How many U.S. senators represent each state?
depends on the state
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When was America founded?
July 4, 1492
July 4, 1876
July 4, 1776
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Who is the only President to ever serve more than 2 terms?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
George Washington
Barack Obama
15 of 15Bonus Question!
T/F: America is the greatest country in the world.
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