Quiz: Only A True New Englander Can Ace This History Test. Can You?


Show your knowledge of New England!

From Boston to the nation's smallest state, this fun quiz includes facts about the history, culture, and cuisine of New England.

 Feb 25, 2017
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New England is made up of __________ states.
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Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson founded the colony that became which state?
Rhode Island
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Which best describes the broth of New England clam chowder?
brown, made with beef broth
red, made with tomato
white, made with cream
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The musical acts Aerosmith, the Pixies, and NKOTB formed in which city?
Burlington, Vermont
Boston, Massachusetts
Hartford, Connecticut
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What sport do the Boston Bruins play?
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In the cuisine of Maine, what is a red snapper?
a hot dog with a bright red casing
a cinnamon-flavored candy
a boiled lobster
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Where does the preppy style of dress get its name?
from a nickname for Providence, Rhode Island
from the prep schools where it originated
from the idea that New Englanders are always prepared for anything
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What is the name of Boston's Major League Baseball team?
Red Sox
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Which actor is Matt Damon's bromance partner on-screen and off?
Jonah Hill
Mark Wahlberg
Ben Affleck
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What is the main ingredient in a New England boiled dinner?
corned beef
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