7 Reasons Why #RelationshipGoals Are Complete BS

john legend, chrissy tiegen

Stop idolizing other relationships.

The occasional "awe" when you see a cute couple is okay, but we've got to stop placing seemingly perfect relationships on a pedestal. Nothing's perfect, seriously.

Besides, why not innovate your own relationship and just be in love with that?

When you try paralleling your love life to these #relationshipgoals you only set yourself up for failure.

1. You Lose Your Grip On What's Real


When you start praising relationships like they're the holiest thing that ever walked Earth, it's bad news. This happens often with celebrity relationships, so much so, you start expecting things that really aren't even actually happening for the "stars". It's staged and cookie cutter. You want your love life to be an overcooked baked good?

2. You Set False Expectations


Some couples express their cuteness is some awesome ways but once you start applying every little thing back to yourself, it's a dirty habit. Maybe that's THEIR thing. Now this isn't to say that you don't deserve cute acts of affection, you do. But let it be you and your boo's way. Stop window shopping in other people's relationships and just expect those buys to show up in your closet of love.

3. You're Prone To Become Bitter


People have a tendency to look at other 's relationships and at first glance think it's cute but turn sour. You can only look at a "good" thing for so long until you start wondering why you don't have something EXACTLY like it.

4. You Promote A Perfect Agenda


When you idolize a relationship as a relationship goal, you frame it as being flawless and that it can do no wrong. Hate to burst that bubble but nothing is perfect. That relationship you are keeping tabs on for another act to swoon over, has its problems, they just aren't flaunted out for you to see.

5. It's Just Annoying


People already get annoyed when people continuously talk about their own relationship so imagine how bothersome and crazy you must sound spewing about another person's relationship. Besides, you shouldn't be filling an entire conversation about someone else's relationship. That's just creepy and honestly what's the point.

6. It Spreads A Relationship Shaming Culture


With the crazy amounts of social media we have these days, it's easy to frame a relationship how you want people to see it. With that said, people then in turn insecurely compare their, not so bad relationship, to this perfectly framed one and are undoubtedly discouraged.

7. It Doesn't Change Anything


Regardless of how a perfect another person's relationship may seem, it doesn't change your situation. It also puts pressure on the couple, if you know them, to live up to these expectation you'll hopelessly put on them.

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