Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know The Twisted Sisters?


Get ready to dance it out!

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 Apr 23, 2017
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What did Cristina diagnose Meredith with using a psych textbook?
Bipolar Disorder
Severe abandonment issues
The dark and twisties
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How did Mer describe her high school self to Cristina?
"I wore a lot of black. Had the whole angry pink hair thing going on."
"High school is where I discovered tequila - I guess old habits die hard."
"I was dying for my mom's approval, so I spent all my time studying."
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Which PATIENT did Izzie and Cristina steal from Psych for Mer when she was sad about Addison?
A simple brain tumour
A male "hysterical pregnancy"
A deer
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Which attending were Mer and Cristina helping when they bonded on their first day?
Addison Montgomery
Derek Shepherd
Mark Sloan
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Who has Cristina's share of the hospital?
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When did Cristina FIRST call Mer her person?
When she listed Mer as her emergency contact for her abortion appointment
She's never said it to Mer's face
When Cristina got jealous of Mer's dog
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Why did Mer and Cristina have their first BIG fight?
Meredith turned down maid of honor for Cristina
Meredith didn't back Cristina up in front of Webber
Cristina refused to dance it out
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Who has Meredith compared Cristina to while reading her mother's old diaries?
Richard Webber
Ellis Grey
Derek Shepherd
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What advice did Cristina give Mer when she was leaving?
"The world is your oyster. Make lemonade"
"He's very dreamy, but he's not the sun. You are."
"If you want to appease me, compliment my brain!"
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What song did Mer and Cristina dance it out to when Cristina left?
The Grey's Anatomy theme song
Grace - Kate Havnevik
Where Does The Good Go - Tegan & Sara
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