All The Hook-Ups Of Grey's Anatomy: Ranked

Although most of our Grey's Anatomy doctors end up in long-term relationships, it's always fun to remember the flings and one night stands that seem to happen weirdly often at this hospital!

So, it's time to take a trip down memory lane and rate for your favorite (and least favorite) Grey's Anatomy hook-ups of all time.

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Izzie and Ghost Denny

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

So this is a weird one because they were dating so there aren't technically a "hook up", but this was just so bizarre we had to include it. As much as we appreciated Denny's appearance, as he was the clue to her brain tumor, we really weren't sure how to feel about the hot sex she was having with her hallucination....

Meredith and George

Thank goodness this hookup was short lived, because the crying was not a good sign for a potential relationship. Mer should have stuck with McDreamy because George and Mer were not a match made in heaven.

Arizona and Leah Murphy

This was only a short-lived fling but as it sparked Leah's sexual harassment claim against Callie, we really weren't keen on this pairing. Plus Leah was completely infatuated with Arizona, and it was a little concerning.

Arizona and Lauren Boswell

We hated everything about this, because it was the major red flag that Callie and Arizona were truly over (tears), plus Lauren kept flirting with Arizona even though she knew she was married, which was seriously shady.

Mer and Riggs

This is a budding romance, but we're not sure how to feel about Mer finding a replacement for McDreamy. There's nothing going on here right now, as Meredith has been rebuffing his attempts, but we're still concerned that our girl could be moving on </3

Mark and Julia

During his split from Lexie Grey, Mark started hooking up with an ophthalmologist from Seattle Pres. Not only was she from the rival hospital, she was no Lexie Grey (and we all know that Sloan and Lexie were made to be with each other). Tgod they finally realized it and this hookup got canned (get it, because her name was Julia Canner? Just us?)

Alex and Addison

There's not much to report here, as this hookup was just a kiss, but we liked how Alex was able to show Addison that it was possible to make out with someone without there needing to be drama. That or maybe Seattle Grace had just reached it relationship drama quota for the day!

Mer and McVet

Finn was such a sweetie, and sure gave Derek a run for his money when it came to dating Meredith. Plus he was an animal guy which is always a bonus in our books.

Bailey and Eli

Eli helped Bailey when she was still "holding herself together with tape and glue", plus he taught her to let go a little (even hooking up in an on call room!) which we loved. This hookup was always going to just be a bit of fun though, and we're glad Bailey found Ben who balances her out even more.

Alex and the cancer patient

This found its way into the top spot just because it warmed our hearts. Karev's hookups were a little questionable in the past (TBT to when he inadvertently gave George syphilis), but we loved this one for the fact that it gave this lung cancer patient the chance to have some fun before her surgery.