27 Moments All Grey's Anatomy Fans Will Never Forgive Shonda For


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1) When Denny died an hour after proposing to Izzie


Literally the first time we experienced the heartbreak that comes with watching Grey's, and we're still not over it. Especially when Alex was essentially cradling Izzie in his arms.... tragic.

2) That time Meredith got sucker punched with the news Derek had a wife


Wow, this was so out of left field we never saw it coming (just like Mer, come to think of it). It seemed like Mer and Derek were the perfect couple and then POW there's a wife, ready to wreak havoc on our hopes and dreams! (Tgod Addison ended up being great, but we were seriously not ok at the time.)

3) That time that Doc died


We're sorry but anything involving an animal dying, ESPECIALLY a dog, is just an immediate spark for the waterworks. This was a low blow Shonda, LOW BLOW.

4) When Burke left Cristina at the altar


Ok so they weren't meant to be together, but there's always something seriously weird about watching your typically cool and collected friend start crying, and watching Cristina freak out when she realized that he's left her was too much for us to handle.

5) And when Mer drowned


SO. FREAKING. STRESSFUL. Literally this episode had us sitting on a knife edge, and watching Derek break down with fear was just the worst.

6) That time Mer confronted her father


Major daddy issues Mer... But it was heartbreaking to see her finally ask Thatcher why he hadn't fought harder for her. No wonder she's so dark and twisty...

7) When bomb squad guy died

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This could have ended so happily! They finally got the bomb out and it was going smoothly and then BOOM. Classic Shonda teasing us with a happy ending and then ripping it away.

8) When Mer realized that George was 'hit-by-a-bus guy"


The phrase "007" will never be the same because we will always think of the moment that Mer finally saw John Doe as George. We had panic and fear and heartbreak all rolled into one with this scene.

9) Let's not forget that time that Derek got shot


He was so freaking close to talking down the gunman until April burst onto the scene (and this was early April who was just annoying as anything, and now she was getting Derek killed. NOT COOL KEPNER, not cool)!

10) And when Alex got shot and called out for Izzie


Ugh all the feels on this one. Although he was supposedly "over' Izzie by this point, the scene showed us that Alex really is a softy at heart, and he'll never truly get past the tragedy of that relationship.

11) And then the gunman threatened to kill Cristina

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

So ramp up the anxiety of Derek's potential death by having the surgeon (another one of our fave doctors) trying to perform the surgery with a gun held to her head, and under the threat of death if she continues to work. This had us screaming at our screens the whole way through.

12) When Henry died on Cristina's table


What cruel monster concocted the plan to have Cristina operate on Henry without knowing it was him?? Oh yeah, Shonda that's who. Teddy's clear grief at losing her husband when they were just starting a life together was just awful to watch.

13) That time Arizona and Callie got into that terrible car crash


Ok so one it brought about that musical episode which we're still not sure how we feel about, but two Callie and Sofia nearly DIED right there, with her body half hanging through the wind shield!? Right after they were talking about getting married?? What cruel timing was that??

14) And then plane crash which killed Lexie


As soon as if became clear that Lexie wasn't going to survive, our tears stared flowing, and our despair only intensified as she and Mark discussed how they were "meant to be". IT'S JUST NOT FAIR SHONDA.

15) And then took Mark too??


We thought we'd got through the trauma of the crash by getting the rest of the surgeons back to Seattle Grace, but demon Shonda wasn't satisfied and just had to claim another victim. The surge he experienced at the end was such a tease too... ugh we miss McSteamy.

16) When Owen had really bad PTSD


You know what's a good time in a new relationship? When your bf tries to strangle you in your sleep because he thinks he's in a war zone?? We don't blame Owen, PTSD is a serious condition, but Shonda couldn't let Cristina have plain sailing after Burke could she? Noooooo, that would be way too easy.

17) When Cristina finally broke down over her ectopic pregnancy


We've said once, we'll say it again - seeing you unemotional friend having an emotional breakdown is FREAKING WEIRD. What do you do? What do you say? It's so out of character that you know something is seriously wrong.

18) That time George's dad died


Firstly this was just tragic in general, and it felt even sadder when we saw Cristina open up about her own loss in an attempt to show George that she knew what he was going though. Secondly it was tragic because it led to George and Callie's wedding in Vegas, and the less said about that, the better.

19) When Jackson survived the bus explosion with 0.2 seconds to spare


Again, SO STRESSFUL. We were 100% convinced that Jackson was dead, and were as shocked as April when he emerged from the burning wreckage, carrying a child no less. That was one heart attack we could have done without.

20) When Jackson and April's first child died


There's always something extra tragic about kids dying, but it seems almost more unfair when it happens so close after birth, before they've even had a chance to live. It was agonizing watching April carry Samuel to term, knowing he was certainly going to die soon after.

21) When Arizona cheated on Callie


Everything about this was so wrong. They had tried so hard to get through the whole "I cut off your leg" thing, and we were SO hopeful that these two were turning a corner until new doc on the block decided that Arizona being married was nbd and they should get it on in an on call room anyway (despite her clearly trying to resist temptation). It takes two to tango, but we're still holding a grudge against Dr Boswell.

23) When Mary Portman survived the shooting only to die later


Um, who gave this plot line the green light? It was just CRUEL. Mary had suffered through the trauma of the shooting, where has to pretend to be dead and then comfort Charles Percy as he lay dying, only to come back to Seattle Grace and die for nO ReAsOn. The fact that her autopsy was inconclusive was the cherry on top of a really crappy cake.

24) When she killed Derek


STILL NOT OK WITH THIS. Shonda's cruel ironic trick to have the neurosurgeon die from a traumatic brain injury was too far, and then bringing Penny to Seattle to haunt Mer?? Nonononononono.

25) The time the cancer kid was dying but her dad couldn't believe it


Remember Bailey's little patient from Season 5, with the dad who was desperate to get his daughter to Mexico for experimental surgery? Instead, he ended up holding her and describing the sandy beaches of Mexico to his little girl as she took her last breath, because as Bailey said: "she needs her daddy for this part". Yea, that one. Excuse us while we go get a tissue.

26) The case of the two strangers impaled by a pole


This story was tragic enough to begin with, because we had come to love both Bonnie and Tom as the episode went on and we weren't ready for either of them to die, but the worst was when all the surgeons moved to help Tom and Mer was screaming "We can't just abandon her!" as Bonnie bled out. Actually we take that back, the worst was when Derek told Bonnie's fiance "She asked me to tell you.. She wanted you to know that if love were enough, that if love were enough that she'd still be here with you.". UM OKAY.

27) When she let us believe Alex had gone to prison


We seriously thought that the count on original interns at Grey Sloan Memorial had gone down to 1, because it seemed like Alex was certainly going to jail for assaulting DeLuca. Not only was this torture because we had to wait for the entire mid-season break to find out what happened for sure, but Shonda was extra cruel in starting off the second half of the season with episodes that didn't even tell us the outcome! We're still bitter about that one, no one can take Alex away from us!

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