15 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Grey's Anatomy

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Some people say it's a problem, you say it's a lifestyle...

1. You've seen the every season...more than once.


Your fave pastime is a good old Netflix binge of Grey's Anatomy, and you've got series link set up so that you never miss an episode when Thursday rolls around (#TGIT).

2) You've started referring to your bestie as "your person".


BFFs are for basics - everyone knows that you need a "person" who will come help you drag a body across the carpet. That's true friendship.

3) Tequila is your liquor of choice


If the doctor's are all ready to throw down with Jose Cuervo, then so are you. Besides, it can't be all that bad for you if it's endorsed by the nation's leading surgeons, can it?

4) You've reassessed your career path.


At this point you're pretty convinced that your calling in life is to become a surgeon - "Push one of epi, STAT!". That is until one of those crazy dramatic nights in the ER and then you're glad you stuck with you 4 year degree and Saturday job at the mall.

5) You've referring to your life as dark and twisty


Though the only dark thing is your room at 3am when you click "next episode" during a Grey's binge, and the twisty part are your bed sheets all would up.

6) You're still waiting for the day that Cristina comes back


You know she's happy being a cardio goddess in Switzerland, but you seriously miss her sass in your life. Your life goals are to be as unapologetically badass as Yang.

7) And you're still not over McDreamy's death


You honestly question Shonda's decision making skills/if she genuinely wants to see you suffer on a regular basis.

8) You refuse to get attached to characters


You've had your heart broken so many times that you try to keep yourself emotionally uninvested, because you just know that anyone you love will be Shonda's next target.

9) That being said, you have a major soft spot for Alex and Mer


They are the only two original interns left and you've lived through so much trauma together that you would literally die if anything happened to them (chances are you're still getting over the heart attack you had when it looked like Alex was going to prison, alongside the 758 times Mer has nearly "walked into the light").

10) You've become inappropriately enraged when someone hates on Grey's


Anyone who dislikes Grey's either has poor taste in TV shows, or just wasn't hard core enough to live through the emotional turmoil that show puts you through on the reg.

11) Your halloween costume has been a "Grey's Cast Member" at least once


Firstly scrubs are hella comfy which is awesome, plus it's a perfect excuse for a couple costume - be that with the Cristina to your Mer, or with your very own McDreamy.

12) You truly identify with that wisdom tooth kid


Seriously you've never loved a person more than when you saw that girl who truly though she was Meredith Grey whilst high on pain meds: "I'm Meredith Grey, I know what to do because I'm a surgeon. She is a PRODIGY, and I'm her". Hilarious, and you know it would be you too.

13) 007 makes you think of George O'Malley rather than James Bond

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You're still trying to get over the fact that he's no longer with us, plus who needs Bond when you could have "heart-in-an-elevator guy"?

14) You low-key freak out every time you get the hiccups


You know it's statistically unlikely to die from them, but just tell that to Susan Grey!

15) You seriously stress that this show will end at some point


We're already on Season 13, which means that Grey's has lived far beyond the average show length, so every time the list comes out saying which shows have been renewed for a new season, you wait with baited breath. The day they cancel Grey's will be the day that part of your soul dies.

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