13 Thoughts Every Grey's Anatomy Fan Has Had This Season


It's been a rollercoaster of emotions.

It's been a complete rollercoaster ride this season, just like any other (you'd think we'd learn)! Take a stroll down memory lane and remind yourself of the stress, anxiety, and despair that makes up this show. Then grab that bottle of tequila before you buckle down and gear up for the Season 13 finale!

1. GODDAM IT ALEX. Could you not have kept cool for once?


Just when we thought Alex had finally learned how to act like a responsible adult, he beats the crap out of a fellow surgeon. We know he thought he was protecting Jo, but still! Come on Karev, you were supposed to be passed this!

2. Yes, Kepner!


Honestly, we've never loved anything more than seeing Kepner tell Catherine where to stick it when it came to naming her child. Plus, Harriet is adorable!

3. Leah Murphy is back???

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

No offense to Leah, but unlike some of our other farewells (Cristina come back!), we didn't really miss her whilst she was gone... so to see her return to Grey Sloan Memorial was a bit of a shock. Welcome back, I guess?

4. WTF Amelia?


We know she experienced serious trauma for losing her baby, but dear lord! Couldn't she have figured that out BEFORE shacking up with Owen, king of wanting-a-family? We can't go through this with him again!

5. Eliza Minnick? Who is this chick?


We were against Minnick from the minute she walked in. We love Webber and everything he has done to make this hospital what it is today, and she needs to back the hell away from Arizona. We still dream of the day that she'll reunite with Callie, and the world will feel right again.

6. Alex what are you doing - NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We understand why Jo had to tell Alex about her husband and the problems if there was a trial, but she HAD to know that Alex would turn himself in the protect her. Then we had the AGONIZING wait of the mid-season break where we were certain he had taken the plea deal and gone to jail.

7. What is this mid-season opener?


Okay! Maybe it's fine for a general episode, but TELL US WHAT HAPPENED TO ALEX GODDAMN IT!



Literally, thank the lords that DeLuca dropped the charges because the idea that Mer would be the only one of our OG interns was too much to handle. Especially as Alex was her person since Cristina left and Derek died. Our fave peds surgeon is here to sass another day.


Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Cue our happy dance, because one of our fave couples might actually survive Shonda's wrath. Dear lord, let our dreams come true!

10. Ugh this is THE WORST.


When Maggie's mom died and it was just so tragic, but Maggie spent so much time being mad at her mom for her (fake) boob job whilst she was really dying of cancer. Cue ugly tears.

11. Another plane episode? Seriously?


We know there have been 13 seasons of this show, so it's hard to keep coming up with original storylines, but seriously NO to malfunctioning planes. Not only does it make us never want to get on a plane again, but it's already been done and we're still not over the first time! No more planes!

12. Is this Merdith and Riggs thing actually happening?


Like, are we supposed to get on board with this? We're not sure how we feel about tbh...

13. How are we nearly at another season finale already???


By holidays, we mean season finale day, which pretty much should be a holiday because we're going to need the day off to emotionally prepare! We are not ready for the death, despair, and destruction that Shonda undoubtedly has in store for us. Someone get the tequila!

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