These 16 Deep Questions Will Reveal Your Dominant Irish Personality Trait


How has your Irish lineage shaped your personality?

Answer these 16 deep questions to find out how much your Irish lineage has played in your personality! Think you can predict the results of this personality quiz? Find out now! Personality Quiz, Irish, Ireland, Fun Quiz, Buzzfeed Quiz #quiz #personality #ireland #irish

 Dec 26, 2017
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You find yourself lost in a bog, which direction do you walk?
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How do you typically handle conflict?
I try to understand the other person's view point.
Cry, to be honest.
I get a bit heated, I may yell.
I have my argument well planned with evidence to back me up.
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What describes you best?
Quick witted
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What is your favorite season?
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What is your biggest character flaw?
I don't think before I speak.
I'm stubborn.
I procrastinate.
I am very emotional.
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How do people know that you love them?
I spend a lot of time with them and make sure they have fun.
I tell them often.
I go out of my way to do little things for them: fill their tank, cook.
I'm very physical: hugs, kisses, holding hands.
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Join a band, what instrument do you play?
I'm the singer.
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What’s a quick way to get on your nerves?
Cruel people.
People who take themselves too seriously.
Disagree with me when I KNOW I am right.
Broken promises or canceled plans.
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Your neighbor’s been having a rough go, how do you help?
I'll run over and help them around the house.
I ask them what I can do to help.
I'll make them a few easy dinners they can heat up.
I'll be around with some liquor at 8.
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What would you say is most important to you?
My significant other.
Being able to laugh.
My career.
My family.
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What is something you would like to do in this life?
Create something I'm proud of.
Start my own business.
Have a happy home.
Travel the world.
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What’s your favorite proverb?
Be at the gates of heaven an hour before the devil knows you’re dead!
Here’s health to your enemies’ enemies!
May the roof never fall in and those gathered beneath it never fall out.
May the wind always be at your back.
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How would your best friend describe you?
A hoot and a half.
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What animals are you drawn to?
Cow, dog, horse.
Dolphin, cat, turtle.
Lion, fox, coyote.
Eagle, raven, spider.
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What would you get in trouble for in school?
Cheating on a test.
Talking too much.
Playing pranks.
Picking fights.
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What is something you wish you had more of?
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