Quiz: We Know What Type Of Person You're Attracted To In 16 Questions


We know what your heart desires.

Answer these 16 fun questions and we'll tell you exactly what you look for in a partner. Everyone has a type.

 Nov 15, 2017
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What physical aspect do you find most attractive?
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What’s the best way to approach you?
A drink and a charming smile.
A witty joke.
A insightful observation.
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Where have you met most of your partners?
Shared interests or friends.
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What is your favorite activity?
Watching TV and movies.
Anything active or outdoors.
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What would be the perfect first date for you?
Rock climbing.
Comedy show.
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How do you prepare a potato?
I prefer french fries.
I prefer baked.
I prefer mashed.
7 of 16Pick your answer!
Which do you need for a partner to have?
8 of 16Pick your answer!
What word describes you best?
Level headed.
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Where would you want to go on vacation?
Cross-country road trip.
Backpacking through Europe.
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What’s the way to your heart?
Always help me learn something new.
Keep me on my toes.
Keep things lighthearted.
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How do you fall in love?
I fall quickly and hard.
I fall quickly, but I need someone who constantly wins me over.
I take my time and really get to know someone.
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What’s your favorite type of movie?
Period piece.
Mighty Ducks. Always.
Romantic comedy.
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What’s your guilty pleasure?
Drinking a bottle of wine with a pint of ice cream.
Really cheesy sitcoms.
Watching Netflix and napping all day.
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Do you order dessert if someone else is buying?
Yes, but I offer to pay.
No, that would be rude.
I don't order dessert ever.
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What’s the worst thing someone can do on a date?
Be rude to the waiter.
Be boring.
Dine and dash.
16 of 16Pick your answer!
What’s flaw is an instant turn off?
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