Quiz: These 16 Questions Show What Personality Trait Dominates Your Nursing

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Which type of nurse are you based on your personality?

Answer 16 personality questions to find out what your dominate trait is when it comes to your nursing career.

 Dec 26, 2017
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How do you approach a subject you don’t know much about?
I will research every aspect of it until I am a pro on the subject.
I take my time and get to know all aspects of it.
Depends what it is, a lot of life is just wingin' it.
I take my previous experience and try to relate them to this new issue.
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Describe your studying skills.
I procrastinate until crunch time.
I read something here and there, I am usually familiar with a lot.
I study hard, and then reward myself with something relaxing.
I have a strict schedule, and plenty of flash cards.
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How do you handle conflict?
I try to understand where the other person is coming from.
I have my argument and evidence to support me.
I try to find common ground.
I crack a joke to diffuse the situation.
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What is the most important tool?
Quality nursing shoes.
Medical Handbook/Guide
Scrubs -- there's a lot of crap to deal with. Literally.
A pen.
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What do you enjoy most about your job?
I'm great at what I do.
I'm able to learn every day.
Being able to help people who need it most.
The glamour, obviously. Not sarcastic at all.
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What is the hardest part of your job?
Having to give bad news.
Not knowing the answers all of the time.
The schedule and lack of rest.
Knowing someone will not get better.
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How would your best friend describe you?
Know it all
Dark sense of humor
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How do you relax?
A bottle of wine or six.
I spend time with my family.
I zone out to a movie or TV show.
I read a good book.
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What is most important to you?
Trusting in my gut.
Getting through the day, if we're being honest.
Being someone people can depend on.
Knowledge is power.
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What ward would be your last choice to work in?
Newborn Unit
Medical Ward
Surgical Ward
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Which shift do you prefer?
Day shift
Graveyard shift
Swing Shift
Oof, vacation shift? Can I pick that?
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How do you describe yourself?
Strong willed.
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What is a saying that you live by?
Nursing: Expose yourself to rare, exotic and exciting new diseases!
I'm a nurse. You're going to have to say a lot to gross me out.
You can't cure stupid, but you can sedate it.
Laughter is not the best medicine... Propofol is.
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What’s the worst part of being a nurse?
Patients putting the call light on right after you leave room.
Dealing with patient’s family.
Patient’s veins look good, but those veins are liars.
Patient refuses medication or treatment.
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How do you react to an angry patient?
Patient's anger does not phase me, I am too busy.
I talk about them behind their back.
I steal the best item on their lunch tray.
They're unwell -- that's why they are treating me poorly. I understand.
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What do you feel is your strongest quality?
Attention to detail.
Interpersonal skills.
Problem solving skills.
Emotional stability.
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