Science Says There Are 3 Types Of Friendships, Which Are You & Your BFF?

According to a study, there are three types of friendships.

Answer 16 questions about you and your best friend to find out which of the three types of friendships you actually have.

 Jan 29, 2019

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You just got a promotion, who do you tell first?
Send it to the group chat.
My BFF, duh.
My significant other or my mom.

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When's the last time you texted your bestie?
A couple of hours ago.
Uh... months ago? But when we do link up it's like we just saw each other.
Right now. Currently. It's happening as we speak.

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What sounds like a fun activity for the both of you?
Book club
Just us, drinking and catching up.
Honestly? We're probably down to Netflix and text each other.

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What friendship do you idolize?
Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Golden Girls

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Do you know what to get your friend at the bar?
I'd usually just get us a pitcher of margaritas.
I'm going to get her six vodka shots. It'll be hilarious.
Yes, I know her order better than mine.

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It's your birthday, what do you have planned?
I'll probably get food delivered.
Spa day or wine tasting with my BFF.
A big party with all my friends.

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How long have you and your closest friend been friends?
We met about a year ago.
A few years, but we're a perfect match.
We were practically born together. We've known each other forever.

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Who joins you for happy hour?
My partner
My friend.
My coworkers.

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What is something your friend would 100% do, but you would never.
Sky diving
There's a lot I wouldn't do that they might.
I would literally jump off a bridge if they did.

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How does your friend build you up?
They are just as excited as I am about my personal success.
They hype me up, lots of compliments and encouraging texts.
I don't really ask them to.

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How do you typically communicate?
We might text, but usually we make plans to meet up to catch up.
Text, FaceTime, phone, email, smoke signals.
Slack or group chat.

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Would you ever let your friend date your ex?
If it made them happy, sure.
No, that's against the rules.
No, but only because my friend DESERVES MORE THAN THAT.

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What do most of your conversations consist of?
We catch up on each others day, maybe gossip.
It's hard to talk in between all the giggling.
Honestly, we just send memes to each other all day.

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Where would you want to go with your friend?
Disney World

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Describe your friend.

16 of 18Pick your answer!

How would your friend describe you?

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Your best friend is in trouble, how do you act?
Protective, resourceful, trying to find the solution for them.
Concerned and empathetic. Always loyal.
No judgement, helping them in anyway!

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A friend deeply hurts you. How do you react?
Forgive them, they didn't mean it.
Confront them, and share my feelings.
Hide my feelings, it's not worth the drama.
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