Quiz: Science Proves These 16 Questions Will Reveal Your Inner Personality

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Even your MOM doesn't know you this well.

Studies have shown people's true personalities, and inner most thoughts, after they answer these 16 simple questions.

 Jan 30, 2020

1 of 17Pick your answer!

2 of 17Pick your answer!

I am more...
Nurturing and calm.
Pragmatic and down to earth
Romantic and imaginative

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How do you handle conflict?
I stand up for myself and challenge the other person.
I try to understand why the other person is upset.
I avoid conflict at all costs.

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In business are you...
A peacemaker
Direct and formal
Charming and ambitious

5 of 17Pick your answer

Which are you?

6 of 17Pick your answer!

Which do you prefer?
Time alone
A small group
A large group

7 of 17Pick your answer!

Is it easy to rile you up?
Only if someone bothers my friends/family
Yes, it is easy to get me going.

8 of 17Pick your answer!

Which are you?
Street smart
Highly intelligent

9 of 17Pick your answer!

Are you affectionate?
Yes, I'm a hugger!
Only with some people.

10 of 17Pick your answer!

Do you often try new things?
Yes, if it is useful to me
Yes, if it is enjoyable to me

11 of 17Pick your answer!

What means more to you?
Making sure everyone has fun.
Taking care of others.
Making sure I have stability.

12 of 17Pick your answer!

Which are you?
More relationship oriented.
More experience oriented.
More goal oriented.

13 of 17Pick your answer!

How do you feel about deadlines?
I love deadlines.
Deadlines are meant to be broken.
Deadlines make me nervous but they're needed.

14 of 17Pick your answer!

Do you speak up for yourself?
Yes, always.
It depends on who I'm speaking against.

15 of 17Pick your answer!

Which are you?

16 of 17Pick your answer!

Which are you?
Soft-hearted, sentimental
I don't take anything too seriously.

17 of 17Pick your answer!

Which is more likely?
I don't need help from my friends and they are usually fine without me.
I am there for my friends and they are there when I need them too.
I am there for my friends but feel guilty if I need them.
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