Quiz: React To These 16 Moments To Find Out How You Died In A Past Life

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Let morbid curiosity get the best of you -- how did you die in your past life?

React to these 16 life changing moments in this quiz and find out how you tragically died in a past life.

 Oct 15, 2017
1 of 16What would you do?
Your alarm never went off, and you’re going to be late for work.
Call your boss and tell the truth.
Blame "traffic."
Get ready quick!
Sleep in, it is a sign.
Text your friend and have them cover for you.
2 of 16What would you do?
Someone you're dating, but don’t see a future with, proposes in public.
Let them down easy.
Say okay, but never speak to them again.
Say yes and marry them.
Explain to everyone why it's not working.
Say yes, but later tell them no in private.
3 of 16What would you do?
Your home is on fire and you only have time to save one thing. What do you pick?
Photos. No, laptop. No, my lunch. No, my wardrobe. Wait...
A family heirloom.
Photo albums.
It's just things, I'm not risking my life.
4 of 16What would you do?
Your best friend admits that they have been dating your ex.
You're happy for your friend, but still hate your ex.
You hope they're both really happy!
You congratulate them, but secretly hope they break up.
You continue to secretly love your ex.
You fight -- they know what your ex did to you!
5 of 16What would you do?
You see a hungry, sick looking dog chained in someone’s backyard.
You intend to call the authorities for animal cruelty.
You steal that dog!
You confront the owners.
You give it some food everyday.
You will not interfere.
6 of 16What would you do?
You realize that the last drink you had pushed you way past drunk.
Encourage everyone else to take a shot.
Have another round, you can't get DRUNKER can you?
Leave without saying goodbye.
Find a ride home.
Pass out wherever you land.
7 of 16What would you do?
An elderly relative you are close to has fallen and broken their hip.
Pawn them off on another relative.
Have them move in with you.
Research nursing homes.
Find the most suitable home care.
Spare no expense in their care!
8 of 16What would you do?
You’re kissing the person of your dreams when you feel a burp coming on.
Try desperately to swallow it, they can't know you are human!
Pat your legs like a drum roll before you burp.
Let it go -- it happens!
Tilt your head and say excuse me.
Leave, quickly!
9 of 16What would you do?
You’re invited to an important dinner, what do you bring your host?
A moderately priced bottle of wine.
A framed photo of yourself.
A tasteful houseplant.
10 of 16What would you do?
You find out someone has been spreading gossip about you.
Confront them! With FISTS!
Talk openly to the person about it.
Let karma handle it.
Start spreading gossip about them.
Ignore it, and them, and everyone they associate with.
11 of 16What would you do?
You’re on vacation in a new city, what do you explore?
Art museum.
Comedy clubs and the theater scene.
Five star restaurants.
Historic landmarks.
12 of 16What would you do?
You're the only juror who believes the defendant is innocent.
Stand up for your beliefs.
Agree with the others, you could be wrong...
Refuse to leave the jury room.
Listen intently to the others, maybe you missed something.
Keep quiet, you want to get out of here.
13 of 16What would you do?
Plan the perfect date.
A paint and sip class.
Netflix and chill.
A midnight stroll.
A homemade meal.
Go Karts!
14 of 16What would you do?
Your boss gives you a job you have no idea how to complete.
Ask a coworker to do it.
Google how to do it.
Wing it.
Ask for clear instructions, even if you should know it by now.
15 of 16What would you do?
You find out your child has been bullying another kid.
Make fun of your own child.
Teach your child funny new insults.
Punish your child.
Let the children figure it out between themselves.
Egg your child on, it builds character.
16 of 16What would you do?
You are given a million dollars with the exception that you must give it all away.
Burn it -- if you can't have it no one can.
Beat the system: give it to a friend and then demand it back.
Give it to a needy stranger.
Donate it to your favorite charity.
Give it to a producer to make a grand epic movie of your life.
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