Quiz: Can You Actually Get 25/25 On This Bizarre Grammar Challenge?

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Welcome to English, where the rules really don't matter.

Weird grammar quiz with bizarre trivia for English language nerds. A very difficult grammar challenge.

 Apr 09, 2020

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Fill in the blank: "At what hospital ____ your spawn born?"

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How should this sentence be punctuated? "The magician a greatly skilled man appeared out of thin air"
"The magician, a greatly skilled man, appeared out of thin air."
"The magician a greatly skilled man. Appeared out of thin air."
"The magician. A greatly skilled man appeared out of thin air."

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"I was born on a mountain but I was raised ___ a cave."

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"Uncle Caveman was Kim's favorite relative, until Kim found out he was a mountain lion." Who is the subject of this sentence?
found out
Uncle Caveman

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What is the noun in this sentence? "Brian knows what he did, and he will never be forgiven."

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"But" sounds like a funny word, but it's not. It is considered a _____.

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What is considered an exclamatory word in this sentence? "WOW! These are shorts and a skirt! It's a skort!"

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What punctuation best ends this sentence? "Amanda has admitted that she is a witch"

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"I will catch the wombat in grandma's house, and _____ I will release it into the wild."

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What punctuation fits best at the end of this sentence? "Amanda, you cursed witch, what did you do to me"

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Finish the sentence. "Yesterday I ate an..."
entire handbasket of hard boiled eggs.
cornucopia of acorns.
peanut butter and pickle sandwich.

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What is the plural form of the following words: mouse, moose, goose.
mouse, moose, geese
mice, moose, geese
mise, meese, geese

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Where does the semicolon go? "I have been playing bagpipes for seven years I have not been invited to parties."
after "invited"
after "years"
after "bagpipes"

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Which sentence is written in the future tense?
I submitted to the approval of the midnight society.
I am on the way to submit to the approval of the midnight society.
I will submit to the approval of the midnight society.

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They ____ my friends and yes, mom, we're all powerful enchantresses.

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What would be a proper response to the following question? "How often do you sing Miley Cyrus?"
"Almost every day."
"With Liam."

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"How many ______ have entered the Thunderdome?"

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"_____ do you want to go to the cat store?"

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Jim and Tom share a car. Which sentence shows proper ownership of the same car?
Jim and Tom's car is broken down on the haunted highway.
Jim's and Tom car is broken down on the haunted highway.
Jim's and Tom's car is broken down on the haunted highway.

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"I wasn't ___ worried, I knew that we'd find the right exit off the haunted highway."

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How is "Ye" in "Ye Olde Candy Shoppe" supposed to be pronounced?

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"I" before "e," except after "c" isn't always true, which word is spelled correctly?

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"The ____ of alcohol can be damaging to a person."

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"Things are hung, witches are _____."

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Where does the period go in the following sentence? "He left for the barn (but never arrived)"
After the final parenthesis, but before the last quotation mark.
After the final quotation mark.
Inside the parenthesis after the word "arrived."
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