Quiz: Bragger? Complainer? Creative? How Do Others See You On Social Media


How do others see you on social media? Answer these 16 questions to find out if your friends think you're a complainer.

Answer 16 questions to see how others see you on social media. Do your friends think you're a complainer or a bragger or not?

 Oct 17, 2017
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What is the last thing you posted on your Facebook wall?
An open letter to the barista who spelled my name wrong.
A picture of something that may be a mole?
I haven't posted since 2014.
A video of a recipe I have no intention of making.
How much I love my new job/car/boyfriend!
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It’s a casual acquaintance’s birthday, what do you do?
I write a long post on their wall about how we met.
I only wish them happy birthday if they wished me one.
I don't wish them a happy birthday.
I photoshop a picture of us together!
I send them a picture of a cake I made.
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Someone has posted an article that is clearly fake news, what do you do?
I write a post about how people need to pay attention.
I comment several links to accurate news.
I don't do anything.
I privately message them.
I write in the comments "CHECK YOUR SOURCES."
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Would you ever write a status about a fight between you and your partner?
Only if it has a humorous outcome.
I air all of our dirty laundry, it's therapeutic.
Never! It would destroy our reputation.
No, I don't want to waste my time.
Yes! I'm sure others feel the way I do!
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You just won an Oscar! How do you share the news?
I post a picture of it with a cute filter.
I write about everything I have overcome to win it.
I wouldn't post about it.
So many interview requests since I won the Oscar! Sorry if I don't respond!
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What is your profile picture?
It's been the same since 2007.
My significant other and me!
A funny photo of me.
A picture of my face -- NOT a selfie.
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What would you most likely share with your friends?
I accidentally clicked "share" on a link I was reading.
Literally everything.
Videos of dogs, to be honest.
An article about millennials killing industries.
A photo of me meeting my favorite celebrity.
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Do you ever post political messages on your profile?
Yes, it is important to educate others!
I try not to.
I share my political view point in almost every comment.
Yes, because I can't believe this is all happening.
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You’ve been tagged in a very unflattering photo, how do you respond?
I comment what was going on during the photo.
I probably wouldn't notice.
I untag myself.
I insist that the person remove the photo.
I leave it up.
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What is a status you would most likely post?
Unbelievable! Do NOT go to the Chili's on Route 42! Terrible service.
My sweet babboo swept me away for a surprise dinner date! How lucky am I?
Currently watching "Stranger Things." Thoughts?
OMG! I'm literally LOLing. My baby's diaper just exploded in K-Mart.
"The mountains are calling I must go" is not an excuse to call out of work?
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You landed your dream job! How do you let the world know?
I wouldn't post anything.
"Literally about to be so busy."
I write a post about all of my new responsibilities and hours.
I would probably just change my occupation and let people like that.
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How do you feel about wedding hashtags?
I'm not sure what a wedding hashtag is.
I will tag every post leading up to the wedding and after with the hashtag.
If they're funny then I love them!
Honestly, I think they're cheesy and annoying.
I #hashtag everything, so I #love it.
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You’ve been working 80 hour weeks, what do you post?
"Working hard for a better life!"
No one needs to know I'm working overtime.
I take a picture of my bunions to show how hard I work.
"Don't talk to me. Don't look at me. Bring me coffee."
If I'm working that many hours I probably wouldn't be on social media.
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Have you ever put “it’s complicated” as your relationship status?
No, that's personal.
No! My relationship is perfect.
YES! I will change it daily if need be!
My relationship status isn't on my profile.
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Have you ever written a post that is clearly about someone without saying their name?
Only nice things!
Nope, but I don't really post.
No, I always put their name so they know who's on blast.
Often. Sometimes I need to vent.
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Which type of photo is the most embarrassing on your profile?
I'm not embarrassed by anything.
I have one photo and it is my profile photo.
A sloppy drunk picture.
A throwback Thursday picture of me in high school.
One where I wasn't aware a photo was being taken.
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What a time to be alive. Staying in touch with friends from college. Seeing pictures of your grandkids from halfway around the world. Technology and social media have changed lives in many ways. It has also created new personas for users. With social media, like Facebook or Instagram, you can curate a life that might not be honest. So why not take this quiz to see how people view YOU on social media. Are you a bragger? Someone who only takes pictures with their feet in the sand, margarita in hand, and documenting every detail of their vacation? Are you creative? Do you take unique pictures that make your old sorority sister jealous? Are you a complainer? Do you fight the good fight but let everyone know how hard it was to do so, thus making you oh so brave. Are you a proud grandmother who wants to show all your friends (and maybe some enemies) how SMART and adorable your little Ellery is. She is in the 90th percentile for height! She’s a star! Whatever your persona is, we already know it. If you take this quiz, we’ll let you in on the secret too. We have your personality questions down to a science so it’s about time you see for yourself. That way you can share it with your nearest and dearest to prove to them that yes, you might brag a little, but you still have a very nice Instagram account. Are you scratching your head asking, “why would anyone care about something so menial?”. Well we have an answer for that too! Start this quiz and you’re that much closer to getting some answers!!