Quiz: Answer 16 Spooky Questions To Reveal Your Perfect Halloween Costume

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Your answers to these frightening questions will reveal your perfect costume.

Answer these spooky questions to find out what costume you should wear on Halloween! Are you going to be something scary? Or cute? Find out now! Personality Quiz, Halloween, Halloween Quiz, Trick or Treat #halloween #costumes #personality #quiz

 Oct 16, 2017
1 of 16Pick your answer!
Would you rather know how you will die or when you will die?
How I will die.
When I will die.
2 of 16Pick your answer!
You’re home alone and you hear footsteps inside your house. What do you do?
Find something to use as a weapon.
Try to find a hiding spot.
Crawl out of the nearest window.
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What weapon would you use against zombies?
My natural wit.
Baseball bat.
Bow and arrow.
Something unexpected, like a heavy antique sewing machine.
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Your best friend needs help hiding a body, what do you do?
Grab a shovel.
Convince them to turn themselves into the police.
Say you'll help, but go to the police.
Cry first, ask questions later.
It depends who's body it is.
5 of 16Pick your answer!
A spirit has been appearing above your bed at night, what do you ask it?
"Like what you see?"
"What do you want?"
I would be too afraid to speak.
"Who are you?"
"What is the afterlife like?"
6 of 16Pick your answer!
You are a ghost, who are you going to haunt?
Anyone who doubted me.
An ex who was a real jerk.
Anyone who has wronged me.
My friends.
My family members.
7 of 16Pick your answer!
Which song would you find the creepiest being sung in a graveyard?
"Every Breath You Take" by The Police
"London Bridge Is Falling Down"
"All Star" by Smashmouth
"Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence
"Ring Around The Rosie"
8 of 16Pick your answer!
What do you think is the worst fate?
Living the same day over and over.
Dying alone.
Rapidly progressing illness.
A loved one going missing.
9 of 16Pick your answer!
What is a nightmare you have often?
Showing up to school naked.
Not being able to scream.
Not being able to run.
Teeth falling out.
10 of 16Pick your answer!
Where would you feel the safest hiding from a serial killer?
A large crowd.
I hide from no man.
Somewhere in the woods.
An abandoned building.
Underneath my bed.
11 of 16Pick your answer!
You're accused during the Salem Witch Trials, how do you defend yourself?
I run away before trial.
I swear my innocence until the end.
I ask my family to speak of my good character.
I ask my friends to defend me, many of which are on the hanging committee.
They can try to hang me.
12 of 16Pick your answer!
You’re dared to spend the night in a haunted house, how do you pass the time?
I try to speak to the spirits until I scare myself.
I parol the hallways, looking everywhere.
There's nothing there to fear, so I get comfortable.
I sit in one corner and wait until morning.
I brought my ouija board!
13 of 16Pick your answer!
A stranger calls and asks you your favorite scary movie, how do you react?
I tell him my favorite movie!
I run to lock all the doors.
He should be more frightened of me.
I don't answer unknown numbers.
I hang up immediately.
14 of 16Pick your answer!
You have a bad gut feeling about someone you’ve just met, how do you treat them?
I ignore it, it's probably just a weird feeling.
I gather more evidence as to why I may not trust them.
I keep them at a distance, but I'm still polite.
I trust my gut and tell everyone else what I feel.
I do not interact with this person again.
15 of 16Pick your answer!
Which sounds like the comfiest place to sleep?
Abandoned insane asylum.
Shallow grave.
Lion's den.
City alley.
16 of 16Pick your answer!
What is your worst fear?
Ghosts and demons.
The North American Grizzly.
Growing old.
Public embarrassment.
Ignorant people in power.
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