Wonder Woman 2's Villain Has Reportedly Been Revealed

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Who Will Play Wonder Woman 2 Villain

Director Patty Jenkins and Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot are getting ready to start filming the highly anticipated Wonder Woman 2 this spring.

Naturally, fans are asking some questions. Who is the Wonder Woman 2 villain? Who will play Wonder Woman 2 villain? Who is Cheetah? When does Wonder Woman 2 come out? IS CHRIS PINE GOING TO RETURN IN HIS ADORABLE LITTLE BOMBER JACKET?

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Who Is Cheetah Wonder Woman

Given that Wonder Woman went head to head with some truly terrifying villains in the 2017 movie (Ludendorff, Dr. Maru, and the GOD OF WAR HIMSELF?!), the sequel to the DC movie has it's work cut out for them.

Thankfully, there's plenty of comics to pull from when it comes to Wonder Woman.

According to That Hashtag Show, Diana will be going up against one of her most iconic, and fiercest foes, Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, AKA — Cheetah.

Rumors suggest that the movie will follow the story of the third incarnation of the Cheetah character, which made her first appearance in 1987.

She was a British archeologist who was given the power of the cheetah by the ancient plant god, Urzkartaga.

Sadly, what was maybe not known in 1987, is that Cheetahs suffer from EXTREME anxiety, and whenever there is one living in captivity they need an emotional support dog in order to live life to their fullest. So yeah, I already have a lot in common with this character!

Cheetah's backstory was retold for the New 52 continuity after DC Rebirth.

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Wonder Woman 2 Spoilers

That Hashtag Show reveals that the sequel will be set in the 1980s, during the Cold War. Somehow, Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, Ewen Bremner's Charlie, and Saïd Taghmaoui's Sameer will return.

Together, they will take on the Soviet Union.

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Who Will Play Cheetah?

It is believed that the role of Cheetah was offered to The Amazing Spider-Man and La La Land star Emma Stone, which would be dope AF, but she has turned it down.

That said, I can clear my schedule for the filming in May, Patty Jenkins.

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When Does Wonder Woman 2 come out?

Wonder Woman 2 is set to be released on November 1st, 2019.

Until then, purchase a copy of Wonder Woman on DVD, and maybe cop this comic with Cheetah's first 1987 appearance.

Or check out a film about the creation of Wonder Woman..