How To Get Millennial Pink Latte At Starbucks For The 'Gram

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Where can you get a Starbucks Pink Medley Tea Latte? Here's how to get a millennial pink latte at Starbucks!

How To Get Starbucks' Pink Medley Tea Latte (Millennial Pink Latte)

Here's all you need to know about Millennials. One, we all love Millennial pink. Two, we'd go to the ends of the Earth for the perfect Instagram aesthetic. So, the new Starbucks Millennial pink latte (also officially known as the Starbucks Pink Medley Tea Latte) is a match made in heaven.

Confused? Starbucks has rolled out a new drink, formally called the "Pink Medley Tea Latte." So, how can you get the Starbucks Pink Medley Tea Latte? Where can you order the Starbucks Millennial Pink Latte? Sadly, it is only available in Japan and only available through Valentine's Day, making this drink just as hot of an item as you on this romantic holiday. But, is that the last we'll hear about the adorable new pink drink in the United States?

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What's Inside Starbucks' Pink Medley Tea Latte?

From the top of my head, they probably put a lot of love in it. I mean, just look at that adorable pink hue. It is also suspected to be made of the purest tears of a unicorn -- from laughter, not sadness in case you were wondering how to humanely extract unicorn tears.

But if you're looking for a real answer, fine. Rude. If you want to learn how to make the Starbucks Pink Medley Tea Latte for all of your Instagram dreams, then here's the recipe:

The limited edition latte contains the "Joyful Medley" Teavana blend, which contains orange, strawberry, peach, and apple. Then, they top it off with milk foam. You can even get a healthy helping of whipped cream on top -- and maybe a pump of white chocolate syrup if you've got an insane sweet tooth.

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When Will Starbucks' Pink Medley Tea Latte Come To The US?

Probably never. We never get anything fun.

While we can't fully recommend booking a last minute ticket to Japan just to try out this fruity warm latte, we can't NOT recommend it either. In fact, if you want to book two tickets and invite your favorite internet writer for a cup of coffee...

But fear not, dear Americans. Starbucks has introduced something new to their menu that you can try -- the Blonde Espresso.

What Is Starbucks' Blonde Espresso?

Available since Jan. 9, the Blonde Espresso provides a lighter taste than your typical shot, with hints of lemon, orange, and caramel. But it's still just as caffeinated as your normal latte.

You can get this type of shot in any of your typical espresso drinks.

In essence, it's probably to help people who aren't addicted to coffee slowly work their way into becoming life long Starbucks customers. You start them off sweet, and pretty soon they'll develop a withdrawal headache without your sweet nectar. We're on to you Starbucks...

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