Partial Solar Eclipse 2018: When Is It, How To Watch, And More!


When Is The Partial Solar Eclipse?

2018 has been weird, thanks to a Super Blue Blood Moon and a Black Moon — but our weird journey through space, where things align and mess up our horoscopes, ain't over yet. Now, we have a partial solar eclipse to look forward to.

When is the partial solar eclipse? How to watch the partial solar eclipse? And when is the next solar eclipse?

We have all the answers in this handy, beautiful slideshow I made just for you. So sit back, pull out your special glasses from the last total solar eclipse, and get ready for the partial solar eclipse 2018!

The partial solar eclipse will happen on February 15, 2018!!

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What Is A Partial Solar Eclipse?

While it should go without saying, a "partial" solar eclipse is not the same as a "total" solar eclipse, which we saw on August 21, 2017.

Here's the run down.

All solar eclipses happen during the new moon phase — this new moon presents itself as a dark shadow which then lines up so perfectly that it obscures out sun, as the moon moves betwixt the Earth and sun.

On February 15, the sun, moon, and earth won't be perfectly aligned. Therefore, it's only a partial solar eclipse.

Instead of the moon's shadow covering the entire sun — it will look like a little crescent roll has been cut from the sun. Aw, adorable and delicious!

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Can You See A Partial Solar Eclipse?


Sorry to be vague, but that is the quick answer: You may be able to see the partial solar eclipse.

If, and only if, you are in South American countries (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil, I'm looking at you.)

And if you find yourself in Antarctica or in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, I don't know your life or hobbies, you can be able to see it too!

But even if you are in these delightful locations (if you find yourself in Brazil bring me some pão de queijo — the greatest cheese bread in the world), then you still may not be able to see it.

Unlike a total solar eclipse, where you may have noticed the world was dimmer than usual… the partial solar eclipse won't leave the world in darkness. No, this isn't a metaphor for my depression.

However, it will be a deep partial eclipse, so it will look substantial if you catch it, especially if you are very, very south on the globe.

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How To Watch Partial Solar Eclipse

Make sure you have protective gear for your little creepy peepers. Do NOT pull a Donald Trump and look at the ACTUAL FUCKING SUN like a moron, OKAY?!

You need solar goggles! Not sunglasses — no matter what their UV-protection is. Using a pin-hole camera is also a very safe bet — you can make it out of cardboard, tape, foil, and a paper clip. NASA can tell you how to make that here.

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When Is The Next Total Solar Eclipse?

The next total solar eclipse in North America will happen on April 8, 2024.