Oscars 2018 Hashtags To Grace Your Friends' Social Feeds


Oscar 2018 Hashtags For Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, And Facebook

Oh, hello there. I didn't see you. I'm kidding — it's called acting, and you better get familiar with it if you plan on tuning into the Oscars this Sunday. Before you tune in, you're probably wondering how you can impress your friends on social media. May I suggest Oscar hashtags? Certainly, Oscars hashtags would liven up their feed?! We've got the best Oscar 2018 hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook so that people can find your posts. Who knows! Maybe you'll be Insta-famous come this Sunday with your insightful Oscar 2018 Instagram hashtags to pair with your perfect Oscar Insta caption!

I, of course, assume you already have your Oscar ballot, your Oscar drinking game, and you Oscar Instagram caption ready to go.

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But it would be a serious social faux pas if you don't include a truly iconic Oscar hashtag to your post.

It simply just isn't enough to e a film buff in 2018 — you have to bring the witticism of your cinema critiques to different platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

And the only way you get noticed and make a "Hilarious Oscar Tweets You Wish You Had Written" post by Buzzfeed is to tag them appropriately. How will writers include you in their round up if they can't find you?

Click through the slideshow to see all the Oscar hashtags you'll need, from basic to clever.

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Oscars Hashtags 2018

Oscar 2018 Hashtags: #Oscars

Obviously. Of course it's easy, but this is what people will be searching for. I'm sorry I couldn't be more original on the first slide, but now you know why I won't be winning Best Original Screenplay anytime soon.

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Oscar 2018 Hashtags: #Oscars2018

Consider this my Best Adaptation of the first hashtag included on the list. You're welcome, Academy!

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Oscar 2018 Hashtags: #AcademyAwards, #AcademyAwards2018

Oh, boy, you're starting to get the theme of this post, aren't you?

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Oscar 2018 Hashtags: #OscarsStillSoWhite

A few years ago, #OscarsSoWhite was trending during the Oscars because… well, all the nominees were super white and male.

This year, with Get Out being nominated for Best Picture, and probably not going to win, there are rumors that older members of the Academy refuse to watch it.

Is it because it's a horror movie? Eh, sure buddy.

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Oscar 2018 Hashtags: #Your Favorite Nominated Film

Show your support for your favorite Oscar-nominated film by hashtagging the title. And don't forget to tag any people involved to maybe grab their attention!

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Oscar 2018 Hashtags: #TheRoomWasBetter

Angry about an Oscar win you didn't agree with? Tag it with #TheRoomWasBetter, since the cult classic was obviously superior to whatever mediocrity just won on your screen just now. Tommy Wiseau for the win.