Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers Talk About Kids


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Are JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers Pregnant?

At least seven times a year my anxiety peaks as I ponder "Are JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers still together?!" The answer is yes! JoJo Fletcher's final pick is still totally in love. But then I worry about new issues like when are JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers getting married? Are Jordan Rodgers and JoJo married and I somehow missed it? When is JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers wedding date and can I cop an invite? Is JoJo Fletcher pregnant?!

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JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Wedding Date

It's hard to keep Bachelorette love going after the camera turns off. Shucks, it's hard enough for us regular peons to keep love going without a group of fans who are obsessed with our love.

JoJo and Jordan didn't hope right into wedding bell bliss after their turn on the ABC reality TV show — they chose to take their time.

When questioned about their wedding, Rodger explains they're still "enjoying figuring out life."

They met on a reality TV show — which is a whirlwind worth of romance. It's just a few months of filming and saying, "Yeah, I guess I could marry this person!"

That's like saying, after three months of seeing one guy you swiped right on, "This is it! This is love! WHAT COULD GO WRONG?" while wedding dress shopping.

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So, are JoJo and Jordan getting married? Rodgers said:

"We don't have a date, we don't have a plan yet ... We're just enjoying every chapter... She's super busy, I'm super busy. Nothing has changed — it's not like we're second-guessing anything."

He adds:

"I will tell you this, though: Both of her brothers are expecting their first child... I think one April 1, one maybe at the end of March, so baby fever is coming. I'm like, 'Woahhh! There's a couple of steps before we get there!'"


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Is JoJo Fletcher Pregnant?

Not yet, but it sounds like both Fletcher and Rodgers plan on have little ones — just not anytime soon, according to Rodgers.

Rodgers told Elite Daily:

"It's like the best and worst thing. The worst: She's got mad baby fever and I'm like, we gotta get married first! The good thing about it, though, is she's gonna get to be an aunt, times two. She's gonna get all the baby out of her and spend all the time with babies she wants and [get it out of her system.]"

He also adds that both their parents are (more than secretly) rooting on them to get them grandkids already.

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Rodgers said that, right now, it's all about them as a couple. He explains:

"We're so much more about spending quality time. It's one of my love languages. She loves words of affirmation, so I always make sure I do something very sentimental, and something that shows her how much I care about her."

Hopefully, fans will be the first to know when/how/if Rodgers and JoJo tie the knot. Don't leave us in the dark!