Find Out If You Could Survive Being Stranded In The Ocean In 16 Questions

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Could you survive a "Castaway" experience?

Do you actually have what it takes to survive being stranded in the ocean? Test your survival instincts and knowledge on this fun 16 question quiz.

 Nov 18, 2017
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Do you know how to float?
No, but I do know how to make a root beer float.
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How long can a person live without food?
A day.
Three weeks.
Forever, if we eat energy from the sun.
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How long can a person live without fresh water?
Three minutes, if you're real thirsty.
Three weeks.
Three days.
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How should you collect rain water?
Cup it from the ocean into your hands.
Collect rain water in anything that will hold it.
Stick your tongue out.
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What is a good source of clean water?
The spine and eyes of fish.
Liver of a shark.
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If forced to resort to cannibalism, what should you stay away from?
The brain, it can lead to disease.
Anything "icky" sounding.
I would NEVER resort to cannibalism.
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What should you do if you come in contact with a shark?
Avoid jerky movements to attract it more.
Give it a gentle butterfly kiss on the nose.
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How should you retain heat to fend off hypothermia?
Build a fire in your raft.
Bring your knees up to your chest.
Strip naked and cover yourself in seaweed.
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How will you find food?
I will order Postmates.
I'll fish with a shoelace.
I will resort to cannibalism very quickly.
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Should you eat if you don't have a water supply?
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How can you find Polaris, the North Star?
Look straight up in the air.
Spin in a circle thrice, it will be the first non-blurry star.
Find the Big Dipper and follow the direction of the spoon.
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Drinking salt water can lead to what?
Kidney failure.
Less feelings of thirst.
Blood clots.
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You don't have a flare gun, how do you signal for help?
Use a mirror and the sun.
Splash water into the air.
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What is the benefit of keeping a log or journal?
To get all your feelings on paper.
To track time, days, weather, and direction of swells.
It helps with insanity.
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What is the best thing to do when you have little food and water?
Chew on hair.
Splash your face with sea water often.
Sleep, try to relax, use little energy.
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How do you fend off seasickness?
Use the horizon as your focal point.
Rock back and forth.
Keep one foot in the water at all times.
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