Answer 16 Questions To Find Out If You’re More East Coast Or West Coast


You may have to move after this...

Are you more East Coast or West Coast? Tell us your preference on these 16 subjects to find out which ocean you should be living beside.

 Nov 20, 2017
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What would you order at a Sunday brunch?
Breakfast tacos with plenty of hot sauce.
Bagel, lox, latte, and a strong bloody Mary.
Denny's Grand Slam.
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What is your biggest pet peeve?
The word "moist."
When people stop walking in front of you to take a picture.
When people don't understand how merging on the freeway works.
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Do you know how to pump your own gas?
Yes, of course.
Uh, kind of.
Absolutely not.
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What is your dream career?
Entertainment, professional athlete, Instagram model.
Own my own business.
CEO, journalist, chef.
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How do you eat your pizza?
I just put it in my face normally, I guess.
With a knife and fork because it's deep dish.
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What item is a must have in your wardrobe?
A sweater my grandmother knitted me, God bless her.
A cute romper or board shorts.
An insanely thick winter coat.
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What would you never be caught dead wearing?
All black, every single day.
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Is 60 degrees t-shirt weather or nah?
60 degrees is bikini weather.
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How do you feel about rainbow bagels?
I would 100% try them.
They look cute on social media, but no thanks.
They are a pox upon the good name "bagel."
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What’s your favorite season?
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What sounds like a fun Saturday to you?
Going to a museum.
Going for an early morning hike.
Lots of drinking.
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What is your preferred form of exercise?
Frisbee golf.
I walk everywhere.
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You’re leaving the bar and you’re starving. What do you get?
$1 pizza.
A super sloppy burrito.
14 of 16Which burger would you prefer?
burgers, shake shack, in n out, cali, NY
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What do you consider a perfect date night?
Trying the newest, hottest restaurant.
Watching the sunset by the water.
Making out in parking lot.
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You’re having a tough time. Your friend gives you a crystal. You...
Question your friendship.
WTF? A crystal??
Appreciate the thought.
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