Actually Insane: Highly Accurate Test Will Reveal Your Personality Essence


Uh, excuse me WHAT?!

Answer these in depth questions to figure out your true personality essence. It's insanely accurate and you won't be the same.

 Feb 07, 2018
1 of 16Pick your answer!
What would you say is the most important thing in life?
2 of 16Pick your answer!
What is one thing you want to spend more time doing?
Visiting art museums.
Social justice issues.
Learning about new technology.
Volunteer work.
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What word do you feel describes you best?
4 of 16Pick your answer!
Do you think more with your head or your heart?
My head, almost always.
My head, but I listen to my heart once and a while.
My heart distracts me, but eventually my head wins.
My heart, almost always.
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What is one thing you’ll always find in your fridge?
Leftovers of a healthy meal.
My fridge is pretty empty.
Ice cream
6 of 16Pick your answer!
Recall your first memory. How did you feel then?
Happy, excited.
Lonely, sad.
7 of 16Pick your answer!
During your first kiss, did you kiss the other person first?
I don't remember.
We discussed it, we kissed each other.
They kissed me.
I kissed them.
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Which do you prefer?
A large group of friends.
I prefer to be alone.
A large group of friends, but only one or two close ones.
One or two close friends.
9 of 16Pick your answer!
Are you searching for a particular thing in life at the moment?
To be more expressive of my needs.
More time to do everything.
To be less jealous of others.
10 of 16Pick your answer!
Are you more of a creative mind or a logical mind?
I'm realistic.
I'm creative.
I'm creative, but very detail oriented.
I'm logical.
11 of 16Pick your answer!
What is a bill you hate paying the most?
Monthly food costs.
Monthly gas costs.
Student loans.
12 of 16Pick your answer!
Has there been a big change in your life recently?
No, not recently.
A new/loss of a job.
Yes, death/illness in the family.
Yes, a new or changing relationship.
13 of 16Pick your answer!
What was your favorite part of school?
Sharing new ideas with others.
Meeting new people.
Learning, of course.
Getting to see my friends and socializing.
14 of 16Pick your answer!
What is the most annoying pet peeve?
People who say "moist."
People who are cruel just because it's the nature.
Ignorant people.
People who say "we should keep in touch!" but don't mean it.
15 of 16Pick your answer!
Which is something you’ve experience often?
Deja vu.
I say the same thing as someone is thinking.
I have not experienced any of these.
I know when people need to talk to me.
16 of 16Pick your answer!
What are you most connected to?
My family and friends.
The idea of love.
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