This Is Why Strong Women Get Attached So Easily


"She gets attached easily because she knows she’s worth it."

It doesn’t matter if you were in an official relationship with her or not. You flirted with her, and that was enough. You gave her your attention, and that was enough.

The moment you smiled at her, it was all over. She was attached to the idea of you.

She didn’t get attached because of your smoldering stare or perfect jawline. She's not shallow. She got attached to you because you made her feel like someone — when usually she feels like no one.

She saw something in you. A flicker of faith. A future.

Even though she was hurt before, she still carries unbeatable hope. She hates people, because she knows what they can do, she knows the pain that they’re capable of inflicting — but still, she still believes in people. She has faith in the potential of humans. In their truth. In the idea that one day she’ll find someone that will bring real friendship and affection.

And she believes that you are that person.

She believes that the guy who held the door open for her and sent her a good morning text really is a gentleman and isn’t just pretending to be nice to get with her. She wants to leave behind "almost relationships" and friends with benefits. She is ready to put them in the past.

She wants you to bring her that one thing she has never experienced before — true love.

You shouldn’t be scared because she loves deeply and quickly. Instead, appreciate her willingness to invest in a relationship, even though there’s a chance she’ll end up broken again.

Don’t be upset that she gets attached easily. She doesn’t want to suddenly fall for someone she just saw. She doesn’t want to picture a future when there’s barely even a present. She doesn’t want to become clingy before being really close.

But she can't hold it back or hide it. That's the way that she is.

She gets attached easily because she’s craving your attention. She knows how amazing it feels. Fingers brushing through her hair. Your touch tracing the curves of her back. Hands squeezing tightly together. Forehead kisses and hugs from behind.

She wants to be touched. She wants to get intimate. She wants to feel.

She truly wants to be loved. So badly that she sees potential in every nice boy whose voice and words are inviting. She sees beauty and possibility in every boy that could become her boyfriend.

She gets attached easily because she knows she’s worth it. She knows she'll really find someone that will never disappoint her and never let her go. She knows that one day, she will find the boy who will never make her feel like a fool for loving so intensely and never letting go.


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