22 Preppy Wallpaper Styles For Kids Rooms

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Preppy wallpapers for kids room are the best trend. Wallpaper are the easiest thing to decor kids bedroom without overthinking it. One specific wall or even half wallpapered walls improve the look of the entire bedroom. Forget about messy painting and toxic fumes from ­solvents. Wallpapers are more practical and better for your family health. Plus, there is an immense variety of wallpapers for children. Here's a list of preppy wallpapers for your kids room:

Animals Wallpaper


This preppy wallpaper is an easy way to make kids of any age love their room. Pinterest

If you prefer lighter colors, check out this creative design by Paper Boy interiors.

Mountain Pines Wallpaper


Pine trees wallpaper makes nearly any the room feel cozy. And it makes black and white look fun and modern. finelittleday

Mr. Fox Wallpaper


This foxes are just too cute. This Fox wallpaper is guaranteed to make any kid happy. Via: scion.uk

Polka Dot Wallpaper


Polka Dot wallpapers are the easiest way to make kids bedrooms look playful. You can find polka dot wallpapers in many different colors and sizes. Etsy

Office Wallpaper


This preppy office wallpaper make nearly any kid bedroom look modern and allow you to add almost any colors to the decor. Some families turn their home offices into nurseries when baby arrives. But now there's a new trend: office-inspired nursery decor. Via (preojectnursery)[http://projectnursery.com/projects/].

Space Wallpaper


This preppy wallpaper is out of this world. Via Etsy

Here's another wallpaper for creative kids via Etsy

Rush Hour Kids Wallpaper


Rush hour wallpapers are so cute. The only hard part of it is deciding between blue or gray. They both are sure to make any room look preppy.

Half Moon Wallpaper


Half moon wallpapers are preppy and relaxing. Any kid will enjoy taking a snooze in a room like this. Via scion.uk.com

You can find more options here: magicsticker.co.nz

Or on Etsy

Chalkboard Wallpaper


Chalkboard wallpaper in the shape of a mountain range is our favorite. But you can also find other shapes for chalkboard wallpaper that will certainly make the room look cool and your children to think you are the coolest parent ever.

Check also this white chalkboard wall paper by Etsy

Pineapple Wallpapers


Pineapple Wallpapers bring a tropical vibe to the room.

Pineapple wall decor is ideal for nurseries, bigger kids or even teens bedrooms. Check out this nursery [golden] pineapples (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Modern-Vinyl-Pineapple-Wall-Decal-Unique-Gold-Pineapple-Decal-For-Kids-Nursery-Room-Cute-Wall/32777666934.html?spm=2114.40010508.4.2.SN2PKj)

Clouds Wallpaper


These clouds wallpapers are so relaxing. You can find it at aliexpress.com, also via nubie.co.uk and on Etsy.

Triangles Wallpaper


Triangles wallpaper are irresistibly cute. The bedroom looks fantastic with triangles since they're not overpowering. You can add almost any pillows and accessories and in the end everything will come out great together. Via Etsy

Triangles wall decals can give it a nice touch too. Check it on Etsy , you can use colorful triangles too.

Dog Wallpaper


This preppy dog wallpapers are a gem. They come in different sizes and colors so you can decide what is best for your room. Check out anthropologie.com.

If you are a Pug person theinspirationedit.com has some fun ideas.

Lemons Wallpaper


A playful ode to the cheerful, bold, and bright. Lemons wallpapers bring a summery look to any room. Via Serena & Lily.

Forest Wallpaper


Forest and wildlife wallpapers come in so many designs that is hard to pick one. So here are a few options:

From the picture above, Woodland Wallpaper.

Also Wildlife wallpapers for nurseries and kids bedrooms. Foxes Wallpapers are really irresistible.

Check also trees in Neutral colors.

World Map Wallpaper


This world map wallpaper gives the kids a change to travel everyday. Via littlehandsillustration.com

Beach Vibes Wallpaper


Beach vibes wallpapers can bring the ocean breeze anywhere in the country. Plus, kids will love this relaxing room. More info about the picture above via serenaandlily.com

And if you have a surfer at home, check out this waves wallpaper.

Bees Wallpaper


This bee wallpaper has a touch of gold adding nice features to the room. Etsy Geometric hexagon wallpapers are pretty too.

Gameland Wallpaper


This video game wall paper is a fun mix of modern and retro. Viadomino.com

Cherries Wallpaper


These cheeky cherries (in juicy shades of red, with a dash of orange and two-toned green) look just like a watercolor via Serena & Lily.

Striped Wallpaper


Black and white striped wallpapers gives the bedroom a modern vibe. You can find a variety of stripes in different colors and sizes. Via domino.com

Feathers Wallpaper


Serena & Lily feathers wallpaper look great in almost any room. Via decorpad.com You can also find feathers wallpaper in other colors

Monochromatic Wallpaper


Mixing wallpaper patterns can create a nice flow in the room. This can't get any cuter! projectnursery.com

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