Quiz: Only A True Mary Poppins Fan Will Get 10/15 On This Expert Level Quiz

Mary Poppins

In every "quiz" that must be done, there is an element of fun!

Test your knowledge of the classic film Mary Poppins! A quiz bursting with fun facts from songs to plot points, and everything in between!

 Sep 29, 2017
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What are the names of the two children in Mary Poppins?
Carol and Steve
Jane and Michael
Cindy and Greg
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Who was the siblings nanny before Mary Poppins?
Mrs. Doubtfire
Katie Nanna
Nanny McPhee
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Where does the Banks family live?
San Francisco
New York City
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Which is a requirement for "The Perfect Nanny"?
Cooking skills
No warts
A flexible schedule
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How does Mary Poppins arrive to Cherry Tree Lane and the Banks' house?
She rides up on a bike.
She flies in on an umbrella.
She drives in a car.
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According to Mary Poppins, a spoonful of _____ makes the medicine go down.
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What magical item does Mary Poppins carry her supplies in?
A plastic bin
A backpack
A carpet bag
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Which of these enchanted animals were NOT present in Bert's painting?
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How do Jane, Michael, Mary and Uncle Albert float during the tea party?
By laughing
With feather wings
Pixie dust
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Where does Mr. Banks work?
The bank
The university
The grocery store
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What job does Bert do on the rooftops of London?
Chimney sweep
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"Well Begun Is Half Done" pertains to what game?
Doing the dished
Cleaning up the nursery
Doing the laundry
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What color is Mary's horse when she wins the race?
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What activity do the Banks do as a family at the end of the movie?
Go for a swim
Fly a kite
Go rollerblading
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What indicated that Mary must leave?
A storm comes
The wind changes
The birds tell her
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