Quiz: Only 2% Of Grey's Fans Can Ace This Grey's Word Challenge. Can You?


Let's find out how much of a Grey's fan you really are.

Grey's Anatomy is full of slang words, that only the true fans will know and remember. The true fans even use those words in their everyday lives now.

 Mar 23, 2017
1 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What does 007 mean?
A high-risk surgery
James Bond
Geoge O'Malley
2 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What is the sun?
The thing in the sky
A child
3 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What are twisted-sisters?
The Grey sisters
Meredith and Cristina
Conjoined twins
4 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What is a person?
The person you would call if you murdered someone.
A patient
5 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What is a carousel to Meredith?
A shift change for interns
A metaphor of life
An amusement park ride
6 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What is Japril?
A procedure
A very complicated couple of doctors
A drink
7 of 10Pick the correct answer!
If any of the doctors say something is 'fine' what do they mean?
Everything is not fine.
Something is thin.
It's ok.
8 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What does post-it mean?
A commitment
A sweet note
A pad of sticky notes?
9 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What is a McDreamy?
A Doctor
A state of dreaming
A burger
10 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What is an api?
A medical procedure
An appetizer.
A joke.
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