Quiz: Only A True Greek Can Pass This Wedding Test. Can You?

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So you're Greek, huh? Let's see how deep your roots actually are! Only true Greek's will know what goes on during a Greek Wedding.

From big families, to lots of food, to dancing, to crazy traditions; Greek's sure know how to party at a wedding.

 Feb 23, 2017

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What is thrown at the newlyweds after the Ceremony?

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What happens during the 1st dance?
Guests pick up the bride and groom.
Guests pin money to the bride and groom.
Guests tie rope around the bride and groom-"tying the knot."

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What's the name of the dance when everyone holds hands and dances in a circle?

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Which meat is not commonly found at a Greek wedding?

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How many guests will attend the wedding?
30-we like to keep it small.
200+ - we have a really big family.
100- we have a big family.

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What is the tradition between the groom and the best man on the wedding day?
The best man polishes the groom's shoes.
The best man shaves the groom.
The groom gives the best man a watch.

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What does the bride write on the bottom of her shoe?
Her groom's name.
Her vows- duh.
Her unmarried bridesmaids' names.

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How many times are the rings passed back and forth from bride and groom during the Ceremony?
Just once.
Three times.

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What is the classic Greek wedding cake?
Red Velvet
Sponge Cake
Carrot cake

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Who buys the bride's dress?
The groom's mother.
The groom.
The bride's father.
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