Quiz: Is It In The Old Or The New Testament?

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Think you're a Bible expert? Show us!

This quiz will ask where stories belong in the Bible - the New Testament or the Old Testament. Can you prove you're a devout Christian?

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Do you think you know The Bible inside and out? Let's find out if you're truly an expert! This quiz will summarize several biblical stories. Your job is to tell us whether they come from the New Testament or the Old Testament! It will be a true test of your biblical knowledge. Some of these stories might sound really familiar, or perhaps you've never even heard of them before! Tap into the deepest parts of your memory or use that big brain of yours to try figure out the right answer! The Bible is a collection of Christian scriptures that consist of stories from the Old and New Testaments. Many Christians turn to the Bible to learn about their religious history or to find words and use it for prayer and guidance.

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