Quiz: Can You Pass This Music Trivia Quiz?

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Think you're a music expert? Prove it!

There is so much to know about music out there! If you think you know everything on the musicians of yesterday and today, take this quiz and show us!

 Aug 16, 2020

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Which pop singer is known as "The Material Girl?"
Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears

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Are you a hip-hop fan? Which rapper holds the world record for most words in a hit single?
Kanye West
Busta Rhymes

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What was the first rock-n-roll song to hit #1 on the charts?
Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley
Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets
Tutti Frutti by Little Richard

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What is the name of the frontman and lead singer of American band Panic! At the Disco?
Justin Timberlake
Brendon Urie
Bruno Mars

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With 27.7 million views on Vevo, this "Hello" singer holds the record for the Most-Viewed Music Video on the internet.
Ed Sheeran
Lionel Richie

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Galileo, galileo! Choose the member who is NOT part of the band Queen.
Freddie Mercury
Gene Simmons
Brian May

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What popular movie did 80s British Invasion band Duran Duran get their name from?
Casino Royale
Dr. Strangelove

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What instrument is Yo Yo Ma most famous for playing?
Electric Guitar

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What 1985 charity single sold more than 20 million copies?
We Are the World
Do They Know It's Christmas
Candle In the Wind

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Which famous pop singer is considered The King of Pop?
George Michael
Michael Jackson

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Despite his loss of sight, this famous Superstition singer still performs and plays piano to this day!
Stevie Wonder
Andrea Bocelli
Billy Joel

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Which Beatle struggled with dyslexia?
George Harrison
John Lennon
Paul McCartney

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Credited with being the group's founders, Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger formed this boyband off hit music show The X Factor.
The Backstreet Boys
One Direction

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Which best-selling 90's girl group won a Grammy for Album of the Year?
The Dixie Chicks
The Pussycat Dolls

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If you think you're the ultimate fan of girl groups, tell us what "SWV" stands for?
Soul With Vice
Sisters With Voices
Singers With Vibrance

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At age 18, this famous rock'n'roll singer made his first record, and later gave it as a gift to his mother.
Elvis Presley
Elton John
John Lennon

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Known as the "Mother of all Contemporary Pop Divas," which famous singer starred in the original version of A Star Is Born?
Barbra Streisand
Cyndi Lauper

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After getting her start in the country music business, which famous pop singer holds today's record for biggest selling stadium tour?
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood
Miley Cyrus

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Country music singer Patsy Cline's "Crazy" was a huge hit! Which country artist wrote it for her?
Johnny Cash
Merle Haggard
Willie Nelson

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Which female pop singer rose to fame with her hit song "I Kissed A Girl" ?
Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears
Katy Perry

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Which pop star played 27 different instruments on his debut album For You?
Michael Jackson
Stevie Wonder

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This famous UK singer recorded a version of Stevie Wonder's "You and I," and gifted it to Prince William and Kate Middleton for their wedding!
George Michael
David Bowie
Elton John

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Topping the charts with his song "Catch a Falling Star," which musician was awarded the very first gold record ever?
Perry Como
Elvis Presley
Buddy Holly

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Which of these pop singers did NOT get their start on the Mickey Mouse Club?
Kelly Clarkson
Britney Spears
Justin Timberlake

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Before The Beatles were ever known as The Beatles, the Fab Four's first band name was ...
The Pet Boys
The Quarrymen
The Silver Beetles
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Only TRUE music fans love music and also know everything there is to know about their favorite artists! If you think you're one of these people, then this quiz is for you! Remember which pop stars got their start on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? What about the names of The Beatles before the whole world knew about The Beatles? Do you know your guitarists from Richards to Van Halen? Put your skills to the test and take this quiz!

Music is a great way to connect with other people around us, and an incredible way to share our stories. No matter how different the walks of life each of us come from, we can all find each other relating to the same single song ... This is the power of music, the influence of sharing stories. Many people don't know about the stories of the upbringings, childhoods, and random facts that make our favorite stars who they are today. There may be more to Ed Sheeran than you know about, and there may be things about Prince that you never remember learning. This quiz is the perfect way for you to find out! Music expands way beyond the radio. It is the tool that tells all our stories and connects them together. Find out about your favorites artists from yesterday and today right here, and we'll tell you if you're an ultimate music trivia expert!

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