Quiz: Can You Name All These Songs From The Great American Songbook

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Let's go, Patriot!

This quiz will ask about the greatest classic American songs that every true American should know! Match these lyrics to prove you're an expert!

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Do you consider yourself the ultimate music expert? That's easy to say if we're asking about today's pop music that you hear every day on the radio, but what about the songs we all haven't heard in a while? Do you remember songs as old as "This Land Is Your Land"? Do the lyrics to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" still swim around in your head? Looks like this quiz was made for you!

The Great American Songbook is a list of songs that have contributed to and influence the American culture over the years. The songs from movies like The Sound of Music and Singin' In The Rain are classic American tunes that every music and movie lover should be able to recognize! Even the greats had to have learned from the classics at some point. Actors like Gene Kelly and actresses like Julie Andrews are credited with being one of America's most prized movie musical stars.

This quiz will ask about classic American songs featuring music by Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra. If you wanna take a trip down memory lane with these old songs, then take a few minutes to answer the questions in this quiz! Women.com offers tons more quizzes on music, lyrics, and movies! We're all looking for those few moments to escape during the day. Let our questions jog our memory, and let these great American songs remind you of where, when, and how America's entertainment first started out. Share this quiz with your friends and family!

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