Quiz: Can You Complete The End Of These 80s Hit Song Lyrics?

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Hit this quiz with your best shot!

This quiz will ask about popular 80s song lyrics and will feature songs by Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Rick Astley, The Go-Go's, and Wham!

 Feb 04, 2020
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Do you consider yourself the ultimate expert on 80s music? What about the most famous hits of the decade? Do you know the lyrics to every One Hit Wonder that topped the chart during this new wave of music? Well, it's your lucky day! This quiz is the perfect challenge to test your knowledge on the music you grew up with and the music you continue to love! Musicians, artists, singers, and performers from the 80s gave the decade it's own fresh and unique take on New Wave music, synthpop, pop rock, and the happiest and saddest of love songs. Do you think you remember all the words to these hit songs? Prove it!

George Michael once said, "Be good to yourself because nobody else has the power to make you happy." Be good to yourself by allowing this quiz to guide you on a trip down memory lane, or letting it transport you back to a time where music and dancing were alive and thriving! Many of our favorite memories are tied to music. Many times, a song that we haven't heard in a while is all we need to spark a flashback or bring to life an image in our brain that makes us look back and reminisce on the golden days. If you're looking to feel nostalgic or just want a break from the music of today, let's dive into the vibrant sound of 80s music together by taking our quiz! Sit back, relax, and see if our questions can jog your memory for the lyrics to these 80s hit songs!