Quiz: Only A True Movie Buff Will Ace This "Citizen Kane" Quiz

Citizen Kane, movies/tv


From the director of the movie to character names, this quiz covers everything a true fan should know!

 Jul 06, 2017

1 of 12Pick the correct answer!

Who directed Citizen Kane?
John Bentley
Alfred Hitchcock
Orson Welles

2 of 12Pick the correct answer!

What word does Charles Kane mutter on his death bed?

3 of 12Pick the correct answer!

Who is the banker that Charles lives with?

4 of 12Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following characters is tasked with discovering the meaning of Rosebud?
Jerry Thompson
Ray Collins
Emily Norton

5 of 12Pick the correct answer!

Where is the mansion located?
St. Charles

6 of 12Pick the correct answer!

Susan had a failed career in...

7 of 12Pick the correct answer!

In which publication were the savage publications posted?
The New York Inquirer
Washington Tribute
New York Times

8 of 12Pick the correct answer!

Who exposes Kane's affair?
his mother
his political opponent
his mistress

9 of 12Pick the correct answer!

Rosebud turned out to be the name of a...

10 of 12Pick the correct answer!

Who is Kane's estranged best friend?

11 of 12Pick the correct answer!

During his childhood, Kane was _____.
an orphan

12 of 12Pick the correct answer!

Kane's first wife Emily Norton was ________.
20 years older than him
the president's niece
a famous singer
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