Quiz: Are You Really A Midwesterner? Answer These 22 Questions To Prove It.

Are you a true Midwesterner?

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 Sep 03, 2018
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Question: 1/22Pick the correct answer!

"If I had my druthers" really means...
If I had a girlfriend
If I had a drink
If I had my way

Question: 2/22Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following correctly defines, "malarkey?"
something not true
a popular drink
factual information

Question: 3/22Pick the correct answer!

If you've got the "holler tail," what does that mean?
You're getting old
You're not feeling well.
You're intoxicated

Question: 4/22Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following sports do Midwesterners take seriously?

Question: 5/22Pick the correct answer!

If you ask someone how far something is, the answer is likely to be in which of the following?

Question: 6/22Pick the correct answer!

Floridians have Disney World, Midwesterners have...
Universal Studios
Cedar Point
Wild Adventures

Question: 7/22Pick the correct answer!

One of the more unique Midwestern favorites when it comes to snacks is...
fried cheese curds
lobster rolls
clam chowder

Question: 8/22Pick the correct answer!

True or false: Puppy chow is for animals only.

Question: 9/22Pick the correct answer!

What is hotdish?
A casserole
A dessert
Heated leftovers

Question: 10/22Pick the correct answer!

True or false: Midwesterners really do call soda 'pop.'

Question: 11/22Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following sauces are Midwesterners known to love?
Ranch dressing

Question: 12/22Pick the correct answer!

Every Midwesterner has seen or heard of this unique berry...
welcome berries

Question: 13/22Pick the correct answer!

True or false: Midwesterners put cheddar cheese on apple pie sometimes.

Question: 14/22Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following is known as the Windy City?

Question: 15/22Pick the correct answer!

Where is the Gateway Arch?
San Francisco
St. Louis

Question: 16/22Pick the correct answer!

Every Midwesterner's favorite sport is...
ice skating

Question: 17/22Pick the correct answer!

Every Midwestern girl owns a pair of...
Jack Rogers

Question: 18/22Pick the correct answer!

A summer favorite in the Midwest is...
going to the beach
hanging out in or by a lake

Question: 19/22Pick the correct answer!

Midwesterners love what style of pizza?
Deep dish
Thin crust

Question: 20/22Pick the correct answer!

True or false: Midwesterners love buffets.

Question: 21/22Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following statements is true?
Midwesterners are known to apologize a lot.
Midwesterners never apologize.

Question: 22/22Pick the correct answer!

True or false: 40 degree weather is considered mild in the Midwest.
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