Quiz: Only A True New Orleans Local Knows All 15 Of These Words. Do You?

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How well do you know the Birthplace of Jazz?

With questions from specific words like bayou to ordering the works on a sandwich, this quiz covers all of the New Orleans basics.

 Sep 26, 2017
1 of 15What's the answer?
What are delicious, fried pockets of love made in NOLA called?
freshly plucked carrots
2 of 15What's the answer?
What is the nickname of New Orleans?
"the biggest city in China"
"the state next to California"
"the Big Easy"
3 of 15What's the answer?
What is a bayou?
the name of one of Mars' moons
the thing that you comb your hair with
a stream or body of water
4 of 15What's the answer?
If you are "creole," what are you?
descendents of French, Spanish, and Carribean slaves and natives
related to a pumpkin
you just visited the land of the popsicle sticks
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What do people from New Orleans call shaved ice with flavored syrup on top?
a pizza slice
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If you are going to a "ball" in NOLA, what kind of occasion would this be?
a Mardi Gras dance and music celebration
a swim party
a baseball event
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What are people from New Orleans referring to when they say "Cayoodle?"
the name of Saturn's moon
a large eraser
a mixed breed dog
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What would you say if you want a sandwich with tomato, lettuce and mayo in NOLA?
"I want the works please!"
"I want some soup!"
"I want a bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich please!"
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What's the living room called in NOLA?
the round table and the chair
the jerky
the front room
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What is a brown sugar pecan-filled candy patty called?
a lobster
a PowerPoint slide
a praline
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For what occasion in New Orleans would a person yell "Throw Me Something, Mister!"?
a homeless shelter volunteer day
at a birthday party for Barack Obama
during Mardi Gras (when they want a "masker" to throw something at them)
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What's uptown refer to in NOLA?
the house where Miley Cyrus lives
the area "upriver" from the French Quarter.
the area down South of the capital
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If someone says, "I'm going to the Twinspan!" Where is this person going?
to the place located between London and France
to the airport in Los Angeles
the twin bridges that connect the North Shore at Slidell with New Orleans
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What does someone mean if they say the common phrase "Soc Au' Lait!! (pronounced sock-o-lay)"?
"I have a sister who is 7 years younger than me!"
"What is the time of day, and what is your favorite food?"
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What is the favorite New Orleans delicacy, king cake?
a fried frog foot
a large oval-shaped donut pastry
chicken wings
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