Quiz: Only A True "Fried Green Tomatoes" Fan Can Get 10/15 On This Test

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Do you love Fried Green Tomatoes?

CALLING ALL "FRIED GREEN TOMATOES" FANS!! If you love this movie, come take this movie trivia quiz and test your smarts!!

 Aug 14, 2017
1 of 15What's the answer?
What was the name of Ruth's abusive husband?
2 of 15What's the answer?
Complete the sentence: Ninny tells Evelyn the story of the now abandoned town of_____________.
Whistle Stop
3 of 15What's the answer?
Most of the movie is a flashback. From what time(s) does it switch to and fro throughout the movie?
from 2090 to 2089
from 2020 to 1500
from 1914 to 1939 to 1980, the present
4 of 15What's the answer?
What happens to Buddy in Ninny's story?
He gets hit by a train and dies
He gets poisoned
He leaves his wife and kids
5 of 15What's the answer?
When Ruth leaves Whistle Stop to marry Frank Bennett, where does she move to?
Los Angeles, California
Miami, Florida
Valdosta, Georgia
6 of 15What's the answer?
What did Ruth decide to name her baby?
Buddy Jr.
7 of 15What's the answer?
What happens when the abusive Frank returns to Whistle Stop after Ruth leaves him?
He attempts to take Buddy Jr. from her
He hands her divorce papers
He trashes her place
8 of 15What's the answer?
Why does Idgie get detained in this movie?
She's involved in a hit and run
For trafficking drugs
She is accused of murdering Frank who went missing
9 of 15What's the answer?
What was the cause of Ruth's death?
Dies in a plane crash
Dies in a fire
10 of 15What's the answer?
How did Frank REALLY die?
He died in a plane crash
He choked on piece of chicken
Sipsey hit him with a frying pan, and his body was served as a meal
11 of 15What's the answer?
What is the location of Ninny Threadgoode's nursing home?
Anderson, Alabama
Los Angeles
Boulder, Colorado
12 of 15What's the answer?
How is Idgie, the protagonist of her story, related to Ninny, the story-teller?
They are sisters
They aren't related
They are sisters-in-law
13 of 15What's the answer?
Who are Sipsey and Big George?
Local famers
The guys that own the mechanics shop
The cook and his son at the Whistle Stop Cafe
14 of 15What's the answer?
Why does Ninny move-in with Evelyn at the end of the movie?
Her house is burned down
She was evicted
She didn't have a home
15 of 15What's the answer?
What items were left on Ruth's grave?
A honeycomb, a jar of honey and a letter
A bottle of whisky and some cigarettes
Nothing; she was never missed
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