Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions All Kansas Locals Should Know?

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CALLING ALL KANSAS LOCALS!! If you love your amazing city, take this quiz and test your smarts! Only 1 in 100 will get 100%...

 Jun 16, 2017
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What are Kansas locals often referred to as?
"a pack full of strangers"
"children of the corn"
"people of the south wind"
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What is the Kansas state flower?
the bumblebee
the sunflower
the fir tree
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Smith County, Kansas is the geographical center of how many states?
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How many state parks does Kansas have?
over 1,000,000!
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What is the Kansas state song?
“Home on the Range"
"Take Me To St. Louis"
"I Love You NYC"
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What is "Dodge City" famously known for in Kansas?
Wheat production and private aircraft manufacturing
Being really loud
Hip hop music
7 of 13What's the answer?
Which company originated in Wichita, Kansas?
Pizza Hut
8 of 13What's the answer?
Which Italian cities are also in Kansas?
Perugia and Florence
Sacremento and St. Tropez
Milan and Rome
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Which famous movie begins in Kansas?
Little House On The Prairie
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Wizard of Oz
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What famous woman, from Kansas, made history flying a plane across the Atlantic Ocean?
Lady Gaga
Michelle Obama
Amelia Earhart
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In Kansas, "kaw" is...
A river
The sound a bird makes
What cows eat
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Which foods are local to Kansas?
Seafood and spicy Mexican food
very high end French cuisine
BBQ, Cornbeef Hash and Fried Chicken
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Which of the following is a nickname for Kansas?
The Breadbasket
Ocean City
Cow Country
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