Quiz: Only Someone With A 150 IQ Can Answer These 16 Random Questions


Are you really as smart as you think you are? Prove it by answering these 16 random questions and proving once and for all you are a genius!

 Oct 18, 2017
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Which of these famous 'maries' was a scientist?
Marie Antoinette
Marie Claire
Marie Curie
2 of 15True or False
The Empire State Building is the tallest building in the world
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Ni-Hao means hello in which language?
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Who was the 4th president of the United States
James Madison
Bill Clinton
George Washington
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If B+C+D =12 and B+B = 6 and B+C = 10 what does D equal?
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Which branch of the US government creates laws?
The judicial branch
The executive branch
The legislative branch
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If you get off a plane in Copenhagen what continent are you on?
South America
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Which actress played the lead role in the hit musical Grease?
Olivia Newton John
Molly Ringwald
Julia Roberts
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If you win a Emmy what industry do you work in?
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All of the following are vegetables except:
11 of 15True or false:
Hot air rises
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If you're drinking a margarita what kind of alcohol are you drinking?
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What part of the body does a cardio-thoracic surgeon specialize in?
the heart and lungs
the intestines
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What is salsa
A kind of dance
All of the above
A condiment
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If it is 25 past 8, then how many minutes before 9 is it?
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