Quiz: How Well Do You Really Remember "The First Wives Club?"

first wives club
First Wives Club via Paramount Pictures

..."By Friendship, Love, and Jewelry."

Test how well you know this star studded movie. The first Wives Club starring Dianne Keaton, Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler.

 Feb 10, 2017
1 of 10Cynthia gives Annie, Elise and Brenda ____ on their graduation day
first wives club
Paramount Pictures
Bvlgari pearl necklaces
YSL sunglasses
Tiffany earnings
2 of 10What does Elise do to keep her career afloat?
first wives club
Paramount Pictures
Lots of plastic-surgery
Nude scenes
Holds her husbands mistress hostage
3 of 10What happens to Annie's husband?
first wives club
Paramount Pictures
He leaves her for her therapist
He dies
He comes out as gay
4 of 10What does Elise discover about her new role?
first wives club
Paramount Pictures
She's to play the mother of the leading actress
She plays an extra
She dies in the movie
5 of 10Brenda's uncle Carmine has __________
first wives club
Paramount Pictures
Mafia connections
a fatal disease
a friend who seduces her husband
6 of 10What does Morty find out about her husband's girlfriend?
first wives club
Paramount Pictures
She's a lesbian
She's underage
She's using him for money
7 of 10Where does Annie go to find her daughter for help?
first wives club
Paramount Pictures
A lesbian bar
Her work
A wedding
8 of 10What do the friends turn the First Wives Club into?
first wives club
Paramount Pictures
An organic grocery market
A homeless shelter
A nonprofit for abused women
9 of 10What happens to Morty and Brenda?
first wives club
Paramount Pictures
They each find other lovers
Morty dies and Brenda remarries
They get back together
10 of 10"You don't own me, don't say _________________"
first wives club
Paramount Pictures
I love you anyway
I can't go with other boys
that you'll make me high
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