Quiz: How Well Do You Know American Slang?

Do you know the American equivalents for all of these common words?

 Apr 12, 2017
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Question: 1/12Pick your answer!

Across the pond a flat is called:
A house
An apartment
A coffee

Question: 2/12Pick your answer!

A garbage can is an uglier term for:

Question: 3/12Pick Your Answers

Loo Roll is otherwise known as:
Bath towels
Toilet paper
Paper towels

Question: 4/12Pick your answer!

The american drink 'soda' refers to which British beverage?
Fizzy juice
Sparkling water
Fruit juice

Question: 5/12Pick your answer:

If you were wearing a playsuit, what would you say in the United States?
I love this romper.
I love these overalls.
I love this sweater.

Question: 6/12Pick Your Answer!

In America the term 'jumper' refers to__________.
A skirt

Question: 7/12Pick Your Answer

Since the word jumper is taken! What do Americans call their 'jumpers'?

Question: 8/12Pick your answer!

When Brits go shopping they put their items in a trolly where do americans put theirs?
On the floor.
In a caraige.
In a cart.

Question: 9/12Pick your answer!

Which of these groups matches the following: courgettes, aubergines, rocket, and mange tout.
squash, spinach, arugula and snow peas.
squash, egg plant, spinach, and snow peas.
zuchinni, egg plant, arugula, and snow peas.

Question: 10/12Pick Your Answer!

What do Americans wear in the place of trainers?

Question: 11/12Pick Your Answer!

What do Americans eat when they order Fish & Chips?
Fish & Fries
Fish & Crackers
Fish & Pretzels

Question: 12/12Pick Your Answer!

What do Americans eat when having a biscuit?
A cookie
A cracker
A brownie
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