This Insane Grey's Anatomy Theory Will Change The Way You See Everything

Source: ABC/Greys Anatomy

So Derek's not dead?

If Grey's Anatomy is known for anything it's for the drama, the traumatic drama.


And at this point in the show, we've just come to accept that. It hurts, it does, but we pretty much can't stop, won't stop at this point.

But what if that's not actually the case? What if we don't have to hurt!?

Well, this fan theory speculates just that. In this alternate Grey's universe, none of the horrible events we've endured (the plane crash, Mark and Lexie's deaths, Derek's car accident, George dying... need we continue?) Ever. Happened.

According to the author, Natalie Abrams, the eventual end of Grey's Anatomy will show Meredith in an alzheimer treatment facility, much like the one her mother was in, and in a very Notebook-esque twist, we discover that all 14 (at least) seasons we've lived through are shown through Meredith's compromised memory!

Now I don't know about you, but I think that's absolutely insane, even for Shonda. So I guess, that's exactly why it might be true. Shonda does love a good plot twist.

Now, I would love to completely debunk this theory all together, but unfortunately, it is actually 100% plausible.

Here's the evidence:

In season 9, Meredith tested positive for genetic markers showing a predisposition for Alzheimers. Her mother was diagnosed with the same ailment, and Meredith may already be showing signs...

What's even crazier!? Remember that episode in season 8 'If/Then" where Meredith "dreamed" about what her life would be like if certain events hadn't occurred? According to this theory, maybe that particular episode was actually a moment of lucidity in her memory!?! If this is true, perhaps all of the horrific events we have endured on Grey's were actually all figments of Meredith's imagination conjured as a coping method for her own reality.

It's insanity. We know.

But it could actually be kind of awesome, right? Think about it. Mark and Lexie could be alive, George could be an officer in the military, Arizona could have two legs and she and Callie could still be together! That sounds pretty great tbh.

But then the question remains: why? If Meredith's Alzheimer brain is conjuring up this whole alternate world, surely the deaths/tragedies must symbolize something else? Betrayal maybe? Maybe it's easier for Mer to cope with people betraying her or leaving her by pretending they died?

And if THAT's all true... What. Did. Derek. Do!?

If Derek isn't dead he has to have gone somewhere. Natalie speculates that somewhere could be Washington. It would make sense. And, while I refuse to believe that Derek would ever chose to leave Meredith, in this alternate world maybe he does. And maybe, just maybe, it's easier for Mer to remember him as the man she loved that died, than the man who didn't pick her, choose her, love her, in the end.

In any case, my mind if FULLY blown regardless of whether or not Shonda follows through. All I can say at this point is here's hoping Grey's never ends and we never have to confront this alternate reality.

But let's all be real, it would be amazing. Terrible, but amazing.

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