These 9 Powerful Photos Prove 'A Day Without A Woman' Was A Success

Women's March/ Twitter

From its inception, the entire premise behind A Day Without A Woman was ingeniously simple: show the world how much women do by simply not doing it. Action by inaction. Pure genius. And if these empty offices are any indication, it accomplished exactly that.

Of course, like everything, it had its flaws. Mainly, that many women, and disproportionately women of color, are not in a financial position to simply take the day off work. As a result, many of the women who form the backbone of our society were still fulfilling their responsibilities. Regardless, the overall message remained a powerful one.

Whether you support, oppose, or feel neutral about the movement as a whole, the results of yesterday's protest are indisputable: people noticed a change, and that, in itself, is a roaring success.










In addition to the millions of empty desk chair and barren offices, yesterday's protest could have cost the American government a serious chunk of change. According to the Center for American Progress, if every woman in the United States had taken part in the March, the American government would have lost $21 Billion in gross domestic product. IN ONE DAY.

Moral of the story? Women do a lot of shit and we deserve equal recognition (and compensation) for that work. Period.

It's time we got our whole damn dollar.

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