The Definitive Ranking of the Mentorships of Grey's Anatomy


Grey/Sloan has seen many a heart-string-tugging mentorship duo, but let's be real they were not all created equal.

8. Shepherd and Edwards


A beautiful budding mentorship. Despite things getting a little rocky in season 12 (when Jo meddled and told Shepherd Edwards was lying about being sick as a child), and the whole Penny complex, it looks like this band is back together and stronger than ever.

7. Herman and Arizona

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Tragically wonderful. Herman literally spent what she thought would be the last days of her life teaching Arizona to be the most kick-ass fetal surgeon. Her tone was generally pretty mean and condescending but you could for sure feel the love!

6. Arizona and Karev


Karev is a jerk. A lovable jerk, but a jerk none the less. So of course leave it to smiley unicorn-voiced Arizona to whip him into peds perfect shape. Do it for the tiny humans.

5. Avery and Ben


After everything Sloan did for Avery it is no surprise he wanted to repeat the process with a recruit of his own, and of course it's basically the bromance of the decade. They're besties, and we love it.

4. Owen and April


An unlikely pair to say the least, but they've got a great big-brother-little-sister vibe going on. April was even the best man at Owen's wedding - that's appreciation.

3. Sloan and Avery


Excuse me while I pull myself together sobbs. Not only the best looking duo to ever grace the small screen, but also the actual cutest. Mark took on a very fatherly role with Jackson and Jackson to this day mentions Sloan's influence on him and how Sloan made him a better doctor and man - ALL. THE. FEELS. Plastics possee forever <3

2. Webber and Bailey


The OG dream team for sure. Nothing solidified this duo quite like when Bailey became chief and Webber told her she had to find her own Bailey, and low-key thanking her for keeping him going, and in check, all these years.

1. Cristina and Burke


This couple has to be number one for the sheer complexity and genuine respect their roller-coaster relationship has involved. They were engaged, she left him at the alter, his mom stole her eyebrows, and then he still gave her a super fancy cardio hospital is Switzerland because despite everything he knew she was the only physician who could take his place.

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