SPOILER ALERT! One Of Our Beloved Grey's Doctors Is Leaving!


And you'll never guess who it is :(

Now before you freak out, no it isn't Mer,

But TV line did announce yesterday that Jerrika Hinton - the actress behind Dr. Stephanie Edwards, will be hanging up her surgical cap at the end of this season to pursue other career avenues.

Now, as happy as we all obviously are for Jerrika, I'm seriously starting to develop a complex - WHY ARE YOU ALL LEAVING ME?! I can't do this relationship alone! I'm still here. I'm still dedicated.

Like come on Shonda! Don't we - the people - get a vote?


While we don't officially have word that Grey's is, in fact, renewed for a 15th season, let's be real, ABC is inclined to give the people what they want, even if Shonda isn't.

And we still have so. many. questions.


Be sure to look out for Jerrika in 2017! Sources she has landed a role in an HBO series AND 3 films set to be released this year! Clearly pursuing her medical career while taking on these other projects was just too much.


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