Lessons All Adults Can Learn From A Six-Year-Old


Sometimes we all need to take a step back from all the noise, and just think like a six year old.

This video brought me to tears by the sheer simplicity of Alex's kindness. Sometimes, as adults, it is easy to get caught up in the rhetoric surrounding an issue and forget to see the people, in this case the children, behind it.

While political elites debate the security implications of providing humanitarian aid in Syria, the most vulnerable and innocent Americans are reminding us - the people they trust to keep them safe - that Syria's children need to be kept safe too.

In his touching letter, Alex reminds us of the humanity of the people we reduce to statistics in our discourses, and use as tools in our politics. He reminds us that the people of Syria are people too. He reminds us that we as human beings, not as 'Americans,' not as 'saviors,' not even as the United Nations, but rather, as fellow humans, have a responsibility to care and take action.

As violence escalates in Aleppo, Alex's message of kindness without fear is even more important now than it was when he wrote it.

We can all learn from Alex.

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