Is Grey's Anatomy Moving to Netflix With Shonda Rhimes?

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Shonda Rhimes has officially accepted an offer to move Shondaland to Netflix from ABC, but what does this mean for Grey's Anatomy and our other Shondaland favorites?

News broke on Sunday night that ABC giant and producer extraordinaire, Shonda Rhimes, is leaving her longtime home at ABC for what TV Line describes as, 'the land of deep pockets and creative freedom known as Netflix', and in doing so seismically shook the TV biz forever.

However cataclismic this move will be for ABC, and the TV industry at large, this move has fans anxiously asking themselves a lot of questions. Is Grey's Anatomy Season 14 moving to Netflix with Shonda Rhimes? Or, will the new season be staying on ABC? What about Scandal and HTGAWM? Could this new collaboration lead to revivals of Shondaland favorites like the Catch and Still Starcrossed? And most importantly what will happen to #TGIT!? We've got all the answers you're looking for.

Is Grey's Anatomy Moving To Netflix With Shonda Rhimes Or Staying On ABC?

ABC Network

All of Rhimes current and in-the-pipeline ABC series are staying put on the Alphabet network, including midseason entries For the People and the still-untitled firefighter-themed Grey's Anatomy spinoff.

Will The Grey's Anatomy Fire Fighter Spin-off Move To Netflix?

No. The as yet unnamed firefighter spin-off of the Shondaland hit Grey's Anatomy has already begun production with ABC and as such will stay at ABC. Check out all of the official Grey's Anatomy firefighter spin-off spoilers and read all about it's new lead Jaina Lee Ortiz

Will Scandal now continue beyond Season 7, on Netflix?

Negatory. As Rhimes herself explained back in May, the decision to end Scandal after seven seasons was a creative one not a business one. "I turned to my producing partner Betsy Beers and said ‘What if we don't let Scandal go on forever?'" Rhimes recalled in her Shondaland newsletter. "It had begun to occur to us that… shows written by me don't seem to end. Every show I've created has gone more than 100 episodes. People keep watching. The network is happy. And that's awesome. But what happens if we let all the shows go on and on without end? What if we just hang on so long that people don't say why are you ending, but when? What if we don't let anyone say when?"

Could The Catch or Still Star-Crossed get revived on Netflix?

In this day and age, pretty much any deceased TV show can — and probably will — be revived. But I'm told there are no current plans for Netflix to order additional seasons of any axed Shondaland series, including the one-and-done Still Star-Crossed and the two-and-done romantic caper The Catch.

Is everything Shondaland now moving to Netflix?

Not exactly. ABC Studios wisely secured overall deals with several showrunners from Shondaland series, including Pete Nowalk (How to Get Away With Murder), Krista Vernoff and Bill Harper (Grey's Anatomy) and Mark Fish (Scandal).

Is Shonda already gone from ABC?

Yes. Although her four-year pact with the network wasn't set to expire until May 2018, Rhimes — clearly itching to get started at Netflix — negotiated an early exit. (We're guessing that signing off on the forthcoming Grey's spinoff was at the top of ABC's list of conditions.)

When does Shonda Rhimes first new Netflix show premiere?

Probably not until 2018 at the earliest, but you can bet you'll be hearing about it much sooner. In fact, it's safe to say Netflix will hand Shondaland its first series pickup before year's end. Also, keep in mind we haven't witnessed the arrival of a true Shonda Rhimes series — one created and written by Rhimes herself — since Scandal launched nearly six years ago. So you better believe her little idea book is bursting at the seams.

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