Grey's Anatomy SPOILER ALERT! This Thursday Jackson Is Taking Someone Down!


And whoever might it be?

We are totally over this Minnick/Webber feud, and so is Jackson!

Ding dong! (maybe?) the wicked witch is dead!

The Christian Post reported earlier today that in this Thursday's episode (3/9/17) Jackson takes on Dr. Eliza Minnick. Thank Jackson almighty for finally granting the people's request. Let's all just say a final Girl Bye to Eliza Minnick

In the episode, entitled Civil War, Jackson decides he's over the Webber/Minnick divide plaguing the hospital and goes toe-to-toe with his mother on the matter. The official teaser shows Jackson blaming Catherine for the general unrest as he threatens to use his influence within the hospital to oust the wicked witch. He is clearly #teamwebber. So are we Jackson, so are we.

And of course, in true Grey's Anatomy fashion, that couldn't be our full dose of drama for the episode! TV Guide]( has reported that this episode will also address Meredith and Riggs' budding relationship. Finally! Some of our burning questions will be answered!

But of course, that's not all! TV Guide has also suggested that this DTR will lead to tensions between Meredith and Alex when she is forced to chose between Alex and Riggs when they disagree regarding a patient's care!

Drama. Drama. Drama. But then again, what else could we expect?

Tune in this Thursday 3/9/17 at 8/7c on ABC to watch all the drama unfold!

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