A Complete Bachelor Finale Survival Guide


Wine. And lots of it.

Let's all just face it. This season of the bachelor has been... off.

In perfect honesty I've left many an episode thinking "can Nick even win his own season!?" Tbh we feel bad for our favorite perpetual runner-up, he just wants love and producers of the bachelor have been unable to deliver on that.. thus far.

As much as this season was lacking in the drama department, we stuck through it all, in the hopes of finally (hopefully) seeing Nick find love. And hold onto your hats, people, because the night has finally come!!!

In honor of this momentous occasion we've prepared a helpful survival guide to ease the pain and enhance your bachelor finale viewing. Trust us, you won't survive tonight without these five things.

1. Wine


Like, enough wine for 3 Corinne's (champagne substitutions are also acceptable).

For the sake of your own sanity, we suggest that you drink every time:

  • Someone says 'journey'

  • Someone talks about "falling" for Nick

  • Chris uses the word "historical" or references "Bachelor history"

  • Nick cries

2. Snacks


Because nothing fuels the suspense like anxious popcorn noshing. If you're a true Bachelor superfan, we recommend whipping up some cheese pasta in Corrine's honor.

3. Girlfriends

via ABC

Because screaming at the TV alone is just no fun.

4. Tissues


If there's one thing we know for sure, Nick will cry tonight. Probably more than once. It's better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to have tissues handy for any second-hand feels!

5. More wine.


If you're playing the game right, chances are you'll run out, so be prepared with back-up.

Happy watching! Be prepared tonight at 8/7c and tune into ABC.

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